How to keep electrical equipment safe?

Mechanical shear head connectors are made of copper and aluminum alloy with higher strengths and bolts are of copper, aluminum or brass made. Both inner and outer hexagons are tin plated. These are manufactured and designed by keeping in view international standards and can be used for low, medium or high voltage applications. These are the coverings or the caps which keeps electrical equipment safe at your house. They can handle high voltage spike very easily. On the other hand, we may see high voltage fluctuations happen sometimes and it can cause different major and minor issues to various electronic devices.

Features and properties of connectors

  • Connectors, when used, are adaptable to the existing joint designs.
  • A connector comes with bevel edges and not necessary with or without an oil barrier.
  • With wide application range and a compact design, these connectors can be used with conductors and materials.
  • The compact design of the connector makes it easier to install especially when bodies are concerned.

Above we study some of the features and properties of connectors. These cold shrink cable terminators are used to connect wires to different transformer terminals, poles and etc. They are popular these days because they are extremely easy to install are also fast. This installation process keeps danger away completely. And the main good reason is that these cold shrinks can be used indoors as well as outdoors and can also handle low to medium voltage.

What is the use of cold shrink kits?

These cold shrink cable terminators are safer than heat shrink cable terminators. The silicone they use makes them leak-proof both outside and inside. The heat shrink and cold shrink terminators although appear same from outside but their characteristics are different from each other. As both have different installation techniques, physical properties, and applications. Being a dynamic memory seal, cold shrink has one quality that it always tries to get back to its original size.

These connectors or lugs are made with the purpose so that the money can be saved and also they are reliable and are designed for medium and low voltage applications. They give you good electrical performance.

Advantages of the mechanical shear connector

  1. These mechanical head connector does not require any additional expense of crimping system.
  2. They don’t have sharp edges, which may be caused when using hexagonal die-sets.
  3. Completely vanishes the chance of the jointer using an incorrect die-set.
  4. These are designed in a way so that they can be made work with any type of conductor within a suitable range of voltage.

These were some of the advantages of mechanical shear head connectors we have studied above. These bolts have set their place in the electrical industry. And there are various manufacturers in the market offering you these tools with high performing features. And due to its wide application range engineers prefer these products. You do not require using a collar wrench. Use these tools to employ the productivity and quality of low and medium voltage applications.

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