How To Operate Air Classifier Like a Pro!

Grinders and mills are the size reduction equipment used for processing dry bulk materials. These products are readily available at air classifier manufacturers stores.

An air classifier mill involves impact grinding process and air classification simultaneously. The machine uses airflow technology to transfer feed material to the grinding chamber of the mill.

Machine also classifies the material into fine and coarse fractions and re-circulates the coarse fractions for further grinding. The fine particles move out from the mill all in one continuous process.

Versatility is the next benefit of air classifier mill. The air classifier mill is able to grind multiple materials including fine chemicals, minerals, food products, coal, etc. However, you can also use the machine to process heat-sensitive materials. The incoming airflow can be heated to dry moist materials. Users can operate the mill in a closed-loop system to let conditioned air to be recycled or so that nitrogen or another gas can replace the air during handling of explosive material.

Manufacturers intend the air classifier mill with wear resistant components that have potential to handle hard materials such as minerals or other abrasive materials. Sanitary built of the mill lets the user to handle food-grade and pharmaceutical products and applications with special cleaning requirements. When it is costly to replace the air with the inert gas for handling explosive materials, the mill and classifier wheel; rotor disc is fixed on a bearing housing along with a drive.

A multiple deflector liner with vertical grooves surrounds the hammers and rotor disc. A shroud and baffle assembly is placed on the impact rotor.

These easy to clean mill machines have external chamber outside the grinding chamber. This external chamber performs the functions of a vessel. The operator can clean the mill while having the effluent inside the chamber. The chamber also offers a tangential air inlet that makes access to the internal components easy for cleaning. The mill is ideal for those applications that need frequent mill cleaning.

If you need more details on handling air classifier mill, you may contact your supplier or air classifier manufacturers. You can get in touch with local vendor and ask about the functions and features offered by these products. They will tell you how the machine performs and how to handle it like a pro. You can leave your queries in comments below.

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