How To Prevent Termites from Gaining Entry To Your Home

If there is a pest which could make a homeowner suffer nightmares, it is termites. These pests can eat a home right under the nose of its owners. So, if you are a homeowner, it is mandatory that you should always be on the lookout for termite infestation. And Yes, you can find thousands of […]

If there is a pest which could make a homeowner suffer nightmares, it is termites. These pests can eat a home right under the nose of its owners. So, if you are a homeowner, it is mandatory that you should always be on the lookout for termite infestation. And Yes, you can find thousands of articles on termite control. But do you know that there are two types of termite control?

One is preventing termites to cause damage to your home. The latter is treatment and eradication of termite colonies in the existing home. In other words, the attack has happened, and you are just taking steps to minimize the damage and save the other parts of the home. And then if needed, you can remodel the entire home. In this article, you gain info on how to prevent termites from gaining entry to your home.

What Are Termites And Why Should You Fear Them?

They are, no doubt, pests but have various food tastes. In short, wooden material is the best favorable food for them. They can eat any product made from plants such as paper, cardboard and even wallpapers. And although there exist two types of termites, in the name of dry wood termites and subterranean termites, they can destroy your home.

How To Prevent Termites

Yes, the winter season is one of enjoyment, but it will also come to a close. And during the next season, you have to be careful. Because that is when the flying termites will scout the area for attacks.

Spring is the time when the swarmers will try to establish new colonies. As per an estimate, the loss due to termites is expected to be around five billion dollars every year all over the globe. And these pests can damage the entire structure of a home. The worst part – they can chew the entire wood, wallpaper, and even hardwood floors. They can eat 24/7.

Signs of Termite Infestation

There are many pests which can be eradicated by the DIY method. But termite infestation needs the expertise of professionals. The reason, the damage has happened inside the wooden structures. So, it is mandatory to determine the root source, the extent of damage and gets the right treatment.

The best signs of a likely termite infestation or existing infestation are the dead termites, termite droppings and termite wings. The termites could resemble ants in appearance.

Do you see mud tunnels in your house walls? Then it is a sure sign of termite infestation. And worker termites, usually, shed their wings.

What is the best way to identify termites? Since they resemble ants, look at their antennae. If the antennae are straight, then you can be sure they are termites.

Dry wood termites usually look to build their homes in dry wood, (as the title suggests). For subterranean termites, they usually build nests under the ground.

How To Prevent Termites From Gaining Entry To Your Home At The First Instance

Yet, there are many steps you can take to prevent termite infestation. As per the home improvement experts, you need to follow the tips mentioned below –

You need to reduce moisture or eliminate dampness inside and outside the home. The dampness and moisture environment is a must for termites to increase in numbers.

  • It is also mandatory to repair the exterior AC units, water pipes, and leaking faucets.
  • If you have a wooden roof, then in case of damage or cracks in the roof, ¬†you need to repair them.

In case you have leakage of water, then it is necessary to divert water from near the house. You need to ensure that the gutters do not have stagnant water near the home.

Do you have a wooden cabin near your home where unwanted materials are piled? Then you need to conduct an inspection every week. If you are the homeowner, it is mandatory to check the foundation for mud tubes. The termites use these tubes to reach the food source. And when the termite infestation has started, if you tap the wood, then it will sound hollow.

You need to monitor every area where wooden structures are present in your home. The simple example is the windows and doors.

If there are wooden structures in your home, ensure that you maintain the gap of at least 18 inches between the soil and wood portions.

As per the advice was given by home improvement experts, the firewood should be stored at a minimum distance of 20 feet away from your home.

Elimination of Termites

The next round of paragraphs gives details on preventing a termite infestation. In other words, the infestation has just begun, but it is in a minor type. So kindly follow the steps given below –

The best way is creating a barrier trench with your home as the center. The best way is to make use of liquid termiticide treatment. Since the liquid flows inside the ground, the termites will be killed, and your house will also get protection. You first need to identify the areas and then sprinkle the termiticide.

There is another way to create a barrier to prevent termites from gaining entry to your home. You can create a trench all around the house. Then spray the liquid termiticide inside the trench to create the natural barrier.

If you have not sought the guidance of a termite expert professional, ensure you read the instructions in the bottle and act accordingly. Taking these steps will keep your pets, family members such as children safe.

If you are building a new house in a wooded area, you can try this method. And if you fear a termite infestation in the already existing home, then you can try the trenching method.

How To Prevent Termites From Gaining Entry To Your Home – Termite Baits

This is considered one of the best methods to eliminate a termite colony. It is a poison that can kill termites. It works slowly, but the poison slowly spreads around the colony. In due course of time, the infestation is removed. You can place the termite baits as per the instructions on the label. If the infestation is more, ensure you add more baits in the same area.

Termite baits are composed of cellulose, paper or cardboard material. And yes, it contains a lethal chemical to cause the death of termites.

In developed countries, nematodes are used for elimination of termites. Considered roundworms, they can kill termites by the dozen.

Other Methods On How To Prevent Termites From Gaining Entry To Your Home

  • Do you have branches which touch your home? Then ensure that the termites do not use them as a bridge to gain entry to your home.
  • You need to remove all the dead plant materials such as wood trunks or stumps, as they can attract termites.
  • Ensure you seal all the cracks, holes in the walls and areas around the compound.

A. Soap Water

As per scientific experts, the soap water kills the termites as it makes the outer shell hard. Thus, they get suffocated, and not able to breathe, die. You can make a mixture of two to three tablespoons of liquid soap in four cups of water. You can fill the solution in a spray bottle to apply to the affected area. If you have a mud tube filled with termites, ensure to pour the water on the tube if it points downwards under the ground. This is one of the best methods as per home improvement experts on how to prevent termites from gaining entry to your home.

B. Cardboard

Using cardboard boxes is one of the best ways to prevent termites or eradicate them. Yes, the cardboard box contains cellulose, and if the box is made damp, it will become a feast for the termites. Place the damp box in a place infested with termites. Once you see a high number of termites in the cardboard, make use of the insecticide to kill them all.

C. Use Orange Oil

Is the infestation limited to only a certain area? Then take the help of oils prepared from oranges. There is a special component called d-limonene believed to be heavily toxic to termites.

If you find mud walls with termites streaming from the inside, ensure to put orange oils in the small holes. It will cause destruction among the termites.

D. Canola Oil Trap

This is another trap but used in villages. A mixture of canola oil and water, if sprayed on the termite colony can enhance the eradication process. Canola oil is a proven herbal insecticide.

E. Clove Oil Spray

Have you ever touched clove oil in its purest form? The strong portion can burn your tongue or any body part. Now, mix equal quantity of clove oil with water and spray it on the infested areas. This process may get rid of termites, but please note, clove oil is costly.

F. Diatomaceous Earth

Another DIY remedy related to termites and similar to spraying of soap water. When the pests come in contact with this powder, they suffer from dehydration and die in large numbers. You can spray the powder on the areas feared to be infested with termites. Practice this habit daily till you get rid of all the pests.

G. Flood The Area

Is the infestation place far away from your home? Then you can flood the soil. This practice floods the colony and many termites will drown in water. But yes, you have to clean the entire area.

H. Use Boric Acid / Borax

Do you have pets in the family? Even children? Then you may have a doubt if the powder or liquid insecticide will cause harm to them. In similar circumstances use boric acid or borax. The entire nervous system of termites will get affected and they will die.

How To Prevent Future Infestations of Termites In Your Home

Termites love cellulose laden matter. So, if you have any sort of organic material in the house, ensure you dispose of it. If you have more wood, ensure you convert to compost so the termites will not infest the wood.

Are you building a new home? Then ensure to have the home pretreated for prevention of termites.

Conclusion – Termite Eradication Professionals

The do-it-yourself method may not always become successful. In these situations, you need to hire the best termite control expert to eradicate unwanted guests. Here is a simple case study. You have a farmhouse in Mumbai where there are more trees. Let us say, it is the countryside. You identify a termite infestation near your home.

Now, being a DIY expert, you take all the precautionary measures to stop the infestation. But your efforts proved futile, and still, you find the termite colony shifted to another place. At any time, they can infect your home. So, what will be the next best step to take?

You have to hire a company specializing in termite pest control in Mumbai. There are many companies, we agree, but how to select the best? Get the assistance of companies offering home appliance repair service in Mumbai. They will have reputed pest control vendors in their client service list. Get their assistance and make your property termite free. Download the app, and book the best pest control expert within four minutes.

Please note, you may have to shell out some money in the initial stages, but yes, you may save more when the structural damage does not happen in your home.

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