How To Purify Transformer Oil?

Purify Transformer Oil

Manufacturers are using different techniques for transformer oil purification. Transformer oil is used for insulating the energized parts and components installed in the electric power transformers. It also functions like a heat transfer medium in transformer. Moreover, transformer oil protects the solid insulation from damaging moisture.

Apart from transformers, insulating oil is applied in switches, power cables, and high voltage capacitors. In switches, the oil is used as an arc extinguisher that prevents fire and explosion.The transformer goes through the several years of operation in its entire service life. The insulating oil used inside the transformer collects contaminants that adversely affect the performance of the oil.

Once the performance of the transformer oil starts diminishing, the solid insulation of transformer will be at greater risk of failure. To restore the performance, experts perform purification of transformer oil and remove the foreign substances and contaminants. Centrifugal purification is one of the methods to remove moisture from transformer oil. It separates additional materials, including water and moisture under centrifugal force.

This method benefits most of the users as it involves high rate of water removal. But as every coin as its two sides, there are two dark sides of centrifugal purification method:

  • Low degree of entire oil purification
  • It has complexity and the requires supervision Adsorption purification method is also used for removing water from transformer oil. It is very simple to perform.

But again, it also has disadvantages like:

  • There is a need of disposing of sorbent
  • It involves environmental risks
  • Purification dependency rate on the type of sorbent
  • Need of input oil
  • Low rate of processing capacity

Thermo vacuum drying is another method used by manufacturers. There is a difference between the boiling point of water and oil. It is the essence of thermo vacuum drying. The oil is passed through the special chamber with low pressure.

This method is extremely reliable and need no complex adjustments. The major drawback of this method is:

  • It has relatively low rate of water removal from the transformer oil.

Manufacturers and service centers are using these methods for transformer oil purification.

To know more about purification techniques and methods used by professionals to remove contaminants from the oil, read more articles. There are many blog posts written on the same subject by different experts. Find them online and gain more knowledge.

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