How to take care of car

Cars play an important role in their life. A car is always ready to help whether you need to go office or to go on a long drive for fun with family/friends or for moving out of the station for urgent work. The car always helps you.

If you love your car a lot and want to continue this life circle to run your car smoothly on the road for a long time. You should read this.

It’s not just about driving they require maintenance. The user needs to know how to maintain the motor vehicle, to ensure that it is safe, in a good position, and running for the longest time. One of the assured properties of cars is that they need very little service to keep them running smoothly.

If your car has a remanufactured engine or new engine or used engine it will help you to maintain.

Tips to Maintain a Car


  • Check the cooling system. Check the cooling system of your car it helps to maintain the temperature of the engine and also helps to transfer heat out of the engine.



  • Keep Clean air filter.  The engine uses air to burn fuel in combustion chambers and breathes it. A car needs a regular stream of air to run smoothly. Without air interference, the engine is often required to enter. So always keep clean the car engine nose for facilitating breathing. 



  • Change lubrication oil regularly. To keep the run smoothly on the road you have to change the engine of your car after every ten thousand kilometres. Lubrication oil helps to keep clean, lubricates the parts and keep away from overheating.


  • Keep care of fuel filter. Fuel filter plays an important role in ensuring clean fuel injection. The fuel filter prevents the engine and stops the unwanted dust particles from forming. So fuel filter needs to change regularly to keep smoothly run an engine. Dirty oil and dirty air filter will allow dirt in the engine and will spoil the inside of the engine very quickly and cause quick and very fast engine failure.




  • Check the vital fluids in the car. Antifreeze, transmission fluid, brake fluid, windshield wiper fluid and oil in engine need to check. Their low amount can stop their working function.



  • Always Change the flat tire. Practice to jack your car and change a tire in your driveway so that you can know what to do if you get a flat.



  • Always Change the Timing Belt before worn out. If your vehicle has a belt instead of a chain, stick to the manufacturer’s recommended replacement interval after every sixty to eighty thousand miles you should change this.



  • Wash your car. Once in a week wash your car and never use to wipe your car dry it will scratch your car.



  • Keep air pressure maintain. Always maintain air pressure in your car tires between 32 PSI to 35 PSI (Pressure per Square Inch)



  • Inspect Brakes. Do a regular inspection of the brakes after every six months at least. Wear out brakes can damage the brake rotor which can be expensive to re-fix.



  • Clean the mats of the car. While washing your car, pull out the rubber or carpet floor matte and blast them with the tube.



  • Protect doors and window seals. Wrap rubber protector or silicon on the door and window atrophy to keep it in good condition.



  • Clean the interior of the car. Vacuum and sponge your interior every time when you wash your car. Dirt particles are abrasive, they can be corrosive.


All are the important tips but major tips are about the engine because without an engine a car can not move a single centimetre. So you have to keep your eyes on the engine as much as possible. In case if your car engine gets damage you should replace your faulty engine with the used engine or new engine or remanufactured engine as soon as possible. Which would not be more costly.

These points will help to take care of the car. If you maintain your car better so you don’t need to spend more money on it if it gets some major damage in future.

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