How To Write a Resume for a Summer Job Internship?

How To Write a Resume

Summers are sure the long-awaited time of the year for all. Can you guess the reason? Well, there is not one but many. Fun-filled activities, parties, hangouts, trips, and more.

If you are a geek or workaholic type, you can go for a part-time job or an internship program. But isn’t it a hassle to come up with a perfect resume? No need to get all burnout.

Jot down your details in seven simple steps and earn the reward of summer internships in no time.

How To Write a Resume?

#1: Heading and Personal Details

One major blunder made by students is assigning the curriculum vitae heading on to their professional document. Never, I repeat, never title the heading of Curriculum Vitae. Your personal details are best started with your name as the heading.

Leave contact details below it. The most important to include is your email and contact number. Including your home address is optional but usually not advised by the experts. Unless required by the recruiters, you should avoid adding your exact address. Just mentioning the state could suffice.

#2: Set your Profile

Introduce yourself in a concise paragraph. First, state your objectives and reason of interest in the announced job offer.

Next, mention your aspirations for the job and expectations of growth of your career prospects. Finally, describe the analytical perspectives of your personality to grab the attention of the recruiter.

#3: Mention your Key Skills

Never mention the skills in the profile section. Instead, maintain a separate section to demonstrate your areas of strength and learning.

Compile your competencies in short bullet points that highlight your strengths and personal skills. Include only relevant skills that match the requirements of the job or the nature of the company.

#4: List up your Educational Backgrounds

who could add this before adding the skills as well? One thing to remember while compiling academic records is to keep the latest educational qualification on top.

Try to save space as much as possible but do not leave any important information unmentioned. Highlight the subjects in which you got remarkable grades and percentages. This will let the recruiters know about your core areas of strength and intellect.

Also include the modules, projects, or surveys you have attended and other educational workshops and seminars to bring up your experience inside your educational premises.

#5: Mention the Previous Working Experience

Mention a heading of work experience and pen down the past employment records. List the areas of key responsibilities you were in charge of during that employment phase.

It is also effective to mention those jobs’ starting and ending dates to prevent the recruiters from getting confused about your present time commitment activities. Who must also add any volunteer ships and unpaid experiences in this section?

#6: Highlight the Areas of Interests

This section highlights your activities apart from school, education, or employment obligations. It is best if the activities of interest are relevant to the offered internship.

It may give recruiters the idea about your passion and enthusiasm and the potential to grow in prospective employment opportunities.

#7: Include References

Maintain a heading of references. It is always recommended to furnish it upon request. Therefore, write it accordingly. Never highlight the details of the references beforehand. Select references who know you already.

Impressed recruiters go for the references comments undoubtedly. It would be horrible if prospective recruiters contact people for whom you are unknown. This will leave a miserable impression.

With our exceptional CV services and guidance program, you can swiftly pass through any job-seeking contest. To make sure it is free of error, devise it under the supervision of an expert.

Last but not the least, cross-check for any grammatical error or misrepresentation and instantly eliminate if found any.

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