Hundreds of Acrylic, Wood, Stone, and Silicone Plugs and Tunnels to Try

There are hundreds of awesome things about body modification; it gives you control over your body, lets you express yourself in the most personal way possible, plus it looks amazing. Not to mention the huge variety of ways to go about it. There are hundreds of ways to shape your body into the image you want, and thousands of body jewelry pieces to compliment the look. That might sound surprising, especially if you’ve only ever looked for your body jewelry pieces at your local piercing shop. Once you break out of the routine and start looking at online shops like King’s Body Jewelry, you’ll open the doors to a whole new world of possibilities. There are hundreds upon hundreds of bone, wood, stone, steel, acrylic, and Silicone Plugs and tunnels alone waiting for you at King’s Body Jewelry, available now and in any gauge you can imagine.

King’s Body Jewelry is the largest, most trusted body jewelry shop around for a number of reasons. First of all, their customer service is awesome. They hand check every piece of jewelry they ship out to make sure it’s pristinely clean, intact, and the exact measurements you want, within 1mm of the gauge. That’s some true dedication. After that, they pack your pieces up in protective bags and ship them off to wherever you are in the world. King’s Body Jewelry has filled orders on every continent, and yes that includes Antarctica! No matter where you are or what you’re doing, you can trust King’s to get you exactly what you’re looking for.

If you have any experience buying body jewelry from piercing shops and specialty stores, then you know just how expensive body jewelry can get. Not to mention how hard it is to find a decent variety. But when you shop online with King’s Body Jewelry, neither is an issue. King’s was founded on two principles: to bring people options when it came to expressing themselves with body jewelry, and to provide high quality body jewelry at a price normal people can actually afford. We’ve all seen the overpriced and understocked shelves of plugs and tunnels in our local stores, have all struggled to find anything that didn’t feel like a cookie cutter following the crowd style. So did the founder of King’s Body Jewelry, who finally said enough is enough and set out to build a better way.

Now thanks to King’s, you can experiment with new looks and express yourself anyway that feels natural, without having to shell out huge sums of cash to do it. You can go classic with acrylic and steel plugs, tunnels, septum pieces and more starting at $1.49, stay all natural with hand-carved bone and wood tunnels and plugs starting at $4.99, or mix things up and try out some funky shapes with silicone plugs and tunnels starting at $4.99. Not sure which style suits you best? Not used to having this many options? No worries. King’s Body Jewelry’s affordable prices and careful quality checking gives you the freedom to try things out and experiment with your look until you find the style that you like best.

And if that style turns out to be a look a few gauges bigger than what you’re rocking right now, King’s also has the tools to help you work your way up. With both full piece stretcher kits and mini three piece kits that include just a pair of plugs and a taper to match, you have the freedom to decide how far you want to take your look.

Log on to King’s Body Jewelry today and get ready to have your mind blown when you see just how many pieces are ready and waiting for you.

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