Impact of Solution Furnace Manufacturers in Industrial Applications

Whether you hate winter or love it, there is no getting around the fact that furnaces are the gatekeepers of home comfort for many people during the cold weather. Here specifically we are talking about solution furnaces that are used in various industries. But we are explaining the function of a basic furnace that is used in our homes because the working of the basic furnace and solution furnace are linked to each other.

But if you ask anyone how their furnaces work, chances are you will be met with a blank stare.

We often take for granted the heating systems that keep us warm throughout the
winter. Still getting to know the inner workings of your furnace can be very helpful for improving home performance and saving your money on your heating bill.

How Does A Furnace Actually Work?

While all furnaces are unique to themselves, they do tend to all operate in the same basic way. Furnaces work by blowing hot air through ductwork, which delivers the conditioned air to rooms around the home.

Whereas solution heat treating temperatures and time at temperature for the heat treatable aluminum casting alloys. Aluminum solution treatment occurs when an alloy is heated and held to a suitable temperature for a sufficient amount of time.

Heat furnace is used to solution heat treat aluminum alloys. The furnaces are generally used when there is a need of quenching the water very quickly. These furnaces are created in such a way that they meet all the specifications and requirements as per the Aerospace Material Specifications (AMS). Here, quenching fluids or solutions may involve water, oil, air or glycol. Since these furnace systems have a good height, they are installed generally in pits.

Lighter, faster and stronger, aircraft and automobiles mean today’s heat-treat furnaces must be more uniform, flexible and energy-efficient to deliver required results for customers.

Features & Specifications of Solution Furnace

  • Recirculation fans with high-efficiency motors are used to reduce energy consumption in the furnace.
  • A High-efficiency heat source is used to reduce energy costs.
  • Robust structural oven frames and component support
  • The Designs are made considering for easy access to the main process areas and some oven components
  • And NEMA style control panels

Temperature Ranges up to 1200 degrees F

The system can be designed for -+5 degrees depending on the customer’s requirements. The furnace can be designed to operate as low as 250 degrees f to allow for aging and annealing as well.

Applications of Solution Furnace

Solution Heat Treat of various alloys.

Industry Applications offered by Solution Furnace Manufacturers

  1. Agriculture
  2. Automotive
  3. Aerospace
  4. Forging
  5. Mining
  6. Recreational Vehicles

Available Options

  1. Inert atmosphere oven and furnaces
    2. Exhaust air to air heat recovery systems
    3. Thermal and regenerative oxidizers
    4. Factory direct installation services
    5. Upgrade for all makes and models of thermal processing equipment to meet today’s process, energy, and government standards.

Best heat treatment furnaces are available in the market and can be searched using Solution Furnace Manufacturers in India.

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