Important Pricing Factors of Vinyl Fence

Once you’ve decided that you’re going to install a vinyl fence around your home or your business, you’ll want to get the best deal you can on the price. To knowledgeably navigate the world of fencing companies, it helps to understand what can affect the cost of vinyl fencing supplies. Read on for a list of important pricing factors of vinyl fencing that you should consider when estimating the costs of your new fence.

Professional installation or do it yourself

One factor that will greatly affect the price you pay for your vinyl fence is whether you choose to hire an installation service or attempt to install the fence yourself. You’ll be paying more to hire a fence installer, but they can also help you with the project location, calculate the necessary size, and experts will be best equipped to deal with any unexpected weather conditions at the time of installation.

Fence type, thickness, and hardware

Are you looking for a classic-looking picket fence with separated slats or a privacy vinyl fence with no gaps between posts? Privacy fences tend to be more expensive than picket fences, due to their height and the greater material cost. Vinyl fencing also varies in thickness and hardware, with thin vinyl being less expensive. According to, to determine your fencing needs you should think about the purpose of the fence: is it for sound insulation, to manage access to a pool or other restricted areas, or to keep pets face?

Property size and location

You’re going to pay more for a bigger job than a smaller one, so of course the size of the area that your fence will enclose impacts the cost of your vinyl fencing supplies. Additionally, the location of your property could affect the price. For instance, if you need to hire installers to come out to a remote area that is difficult to access. Make sure you check your local zoning laws as well, because zoning requirements might dictate the size or style of your fence, which could adjust the price.

Environmental factors

You’ll want to plan for how environmental factors will affect your fence installation, including the price of installation. According to Fence Factory, any slopes on your property will require you to adjust your installation strategy. Ground conditions on your property could also affect the price, considering the extra labor that will be required if your soil is hard to dig.

Number of gates

How many gates you include in your final fence design will affect the final project cost. The difference in price between a gate and regular fence pieces can vary, so be sure to check with your supplier. What’s more, if you choose to hire professionals to install the fence, the number of gates will probably add to the number of labor hours.

In addition to the above factors, be aware of the hidden fees that can accumulate, such as sales tax on your fence or permit or inspection fees. Start shopping for vinyl fencing supplies armed with all this knowledge and you’re bound to secure a good deal on your new fence.

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