Enjoy The Artistic Creations Of The Intricate Rongoli Designs Online

Rangoli Designs Online

The enigma of Rongoli is imminent all throughout India. The festive glory has predominantly occupied the puja altar and the entrance of every household. The motley colored design significantly catches the attention of the invitees. It is majorly a self-portraiture of inner art and talent. The labyrinthine curved pattern mostly took a geometrical shape.

Just remember different colored chalk powder, decked up in rice or sand used to draw the impression on the ground. Certainly, the symbolic presentation is an embodiment of auspiciousness and splendor.

Significance of drawing rangoli

When a floor is rubbed with cow dung, a certain type of scars is left on the floor. Now according to the tell tales these imperfect lines are considered misfortune for the inhabitants. To erase such unsatisfactory effects, symbolic lines in the form of curves and angles are done with rangoli. Certainly, this promises you a good fortune as the lady luck always ready to shower the best on you.

Puja rangoli decor as Kalash:

Among diverse designs, the Kalash is the best available rongoli designs. It is an imperative addition to start any puja at home or office. To enhance the aura of puja, alters are often decorated with this type of typical rangoli designs. It exhibits a Kalash with a coconut and mango leaf topped on it. Certainly, Kalash brings a message of happiness in the home. Worshiping with a Kalash literally means that it bestows plenty of wealth to your home.

Multi colored rangoli pattern for Diwali:

The significance of Diwali is almost clear to all as it stands for the celebration of light. It is a commemoration of good over evil. As you know rangoli too brings positivity to your life. Embracing that, it is time to deck up the entrance with a decorative minute rangoli designs. Whether curvilinear lines or conch shells all predominantly highlight the entry of good fortune to one’s home.

The best part about these designs is that you can deliberately choose any size or shape for your home. At the same time, you need not ponder on the longevity as it is available in the form of acrylic. This form of material is highly tolerant to water.

The fancy new design rangoli:

The acrylic based rangolis are quite in vogue in the market. Indeed it is the meaningful substitution to the tradition chalk form. Once you keenly look through the design you will mostly get the patterns that are in the form of small decorative ideas. Those are exaggerated with white coated small diamonds lining the edges of the diyas.

Sometimes, pink or vibrant red is used to paint the days, that definitely adds a galore of vibrancy to the appeal. The most intricate work lies in between the diyas which is in the form of circular shaped. To add utmost magnificent you can get the Kundan toran designs.

Well, the above said are some of the outstanding designs that will keep you spellbound. Try any one of the designs from authentic online sources. Make sure that you also validate on the quality of the material as well.

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