Top Four Kitchen Island Ideas of 2018

Kitchen Island Ideas

Kitchen Islands were not a common thing for people years ago. Due to its complex layout and expensive nature, people usually avoided having them built. However, deigns and layouts have changed over time.

Today, with all the kitchen design experts out there, it is now possible to come up with ideas that would transform your kitchen island with seating into something glamorous, yet comfortable. With creativity and help, anyone can get any one of the following kitchen island designs without spending a fortune. Here are the top four budget friendly kitchen island ideas of 2018.

Just Go Grab That Table!
A kitchen island is mainly an independent counter or a table area in the kitchen. When we imagine our kitchen space with one, it is usually one piece – all solid with things such as cabinets and shelves or sometimes with an extra stove top.

In fact, every kitchen island is not supposed to be like this. If you have an extra table lying around in your house and it perfectly matches your home décor, place it in your kitchen and turn that boring table into a kitchen island. However, just ensure that the table it reliable enough to carry your things, fit the colour theme perfectly and fits inside the kitchen as well.

Seating area around this table can be high stools, few full sized chairs or couple of small chairs. All this depends on the design of your kitchen island.

Reclaim Your Kitchen Island
If you have an unusual style wherein you enjoy bright colours and like to bring unfamiliar elements together, then having a reclaim kitchen island is perfect for you. Here you can do whatever you want. Some of our ideas include

  •       Reclaimed elements put together with a wooden top
  •       Crafting an island from the wood, steel or other solid materials in a workshop
  •       Just putting few unfamiliar object together to get along with the rest of your theme

With rising shabby chic trend in 2018, reclaim Kitchen Island form an amazing talking point. It also lets your showcase your personality through the elements. And but of course you are needed to make sure you have chairs that match the décor.

Kitchen Cart
If you have small kitchen space and still want to have a kitchen island, kitchen carts is just the perfect thing for you. You will come across various designs that cost less than £200 while providing some great extra space.

There is space for storage, the fold out cutting boards and some of them also have extra work space. Kitchen cart gives you the much desired kitchen island right in the middle of your small kitchen.

Another benefit of it is that they can be pulled out for serving food and drinks; thus creating a much needed space in the house whenever needed. If you are opting for kitchen carts you probably will not need chairs. However, you have pair it with a nice tall stool to provide some seating for sipping tea/coffee while doing other things.

Think Outside the Bookcase
Few small bookcases can make a great base for Kitchen Island as they also provide a lot of storage possibilities. If you have some old bookcases at home, place them back to back and use a solid piece of wood or a stone to place it on top of the bookcases.

You can design it the way you want with as many bookcases as you want (but remember to check the size of your kitchen space before working on this bookcase kitchen island). The plus point is that you get to store ample of things and will not cost you a lot of money.

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The trick is to choose bookcases that are large enough to provide an appropriate work area. This is because it does not make sense to have a small kitchen island (it will be of no use as such!).

Hence, we would like to mention it again: make sure you measure everything carefully before you start building a bookcase kitchen island. Also the seating area should have small chairs or stools and should be placed in such a way that they are not blocking the storage space.

Kitchen Islands are not supposed to be extravagant and expensive. Some of the best are the ones you build yourself and from the things you have in extra. Kitchen islands are the focal point of your kitchen design. Rest of the kitchen design (colour scheme, texture and patters) is dependent on it. So, add your own style to it!

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