All That You Need To Know About Salt Bath Furnaces

Salt Bath Furnaces

A salt bath furnace is one that is responsible for transferring heat rapidly. They come with remarkable uniformity as far as temperature is concerned. A salt bath furnace is way better than a warm bath furnace simply because it can withstand higher temperatures.

While a warm bath furnace can withstand up to only 500 degree Celsius, the salt bath furnace can stand up to nearly 1000 degree Celsius.

In industrial applications and other cases, metals may have to be treated under extreme heat conditions; in such cases, salt bath furnaces are a must.

To ensure that you get the right salt bath furnace for your application, you should contact salt bath furnace manufacturer.

Why are salt bath furnaces used?

Now salt bath furnaces find use in a number of different ways owing to their ability to withstand extreme temperatures. These are some uses of salt bath furnaces:

  • Tenifer nitriding which requires a temperature of 600 degree Celsius.
  • Carburizing which requires a temperature of 950 degree Celsius.
  • Bright annealing which requires an extremely high temperature of 1000 degree Celsius.
  • Rugged case constructions.
  • Multilayer insulation
  • Salt bath furnaces provide uniform heating; thus, if there is something that needs to be heated equally on all sides, in that case a salt bath furnace is the best option.
  • In order to provide heat to metals that are wound up around ceramic tubes, a salt bath furnace is often the preferred choice.
  • Salt bath furnaces are often used to provide maximum protection and durability to crucibles.
  • In order to control the temperature of baths, a salt bath furnace is used.
  • They come with safety regulators which are of utmost importance.

What are the benefits of heat treatment using salt bath furnace?

Now you must be wondering what the perks of using a salt bath furnace are; especially if there are numerous other furnaces to choose from. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits:

When the part to be heated is immersed in the bath containing molten salt, the heat is transferred to the part by means of both convection and conduction. Naturally, that speeds up the heating process.

Also, it must be remembered that the salt bath furnace consists of a liquid, which is molten salt. If you remember your high school physics, you’ll recollect that heating is always faster when travelling through liquids.

During the cooling phase, it takes place in a controlled and regulated manner. When cooling from such high temperatures, there might appear distortions and cracks in the part that was heated, just like a piece of glass that is rapidly heated and immediately cooled cracks.

However, in the bath, the cooling is controlled and takes place at a steady speed.

When immersed in the salt, the part being heated is not in contact with the atmosphere which contains oxygen. Naturally, that significantly reduces chances of oxidation or carburizing.

These are the three main benefits of using a salt bath furnace. To know more, you can reach out to salt bath furnace manufacturers.

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