Laravel horizon: Let’s discuss Some Advantages

Laravel Horizon is a package that comes with a beautiful dashboard that is code -driven configuration for your laravel Redis queues. And gives you control, insight, and analytics of the queues and queue workers, failed jobs, and your job throughput.

Key features of Laravel Horizon :

1. Auto Balancing of jobs :

Horizon helps to manage queues with workers. When a queue gets overwhelmed it automatically identifies the workers and move the queues to them. And also, the horizon provides a detailed interface for reviewing and retrying the failed jobs.

2. Simple Dashboard and Metrics :

The Laravel Horizon comes with a single page beautiful dashboard that can be installed directly into the existing application by using simplistic laravel/horizon composer. And also it will provide real-time perspicacity into queue workloads, recent jobs, failed jobs and run time metrics, and process counts. The dashboard authentication will be controlled by a simple callback via Horizon:: auth, allows you full control over the dashboard.

Horizon gives throughput and average run time charts, that allows you to see the run time trends for a particular job or for an entire queue. This metrics snapshot is captured using the horizon helps you to quickly find performance depravities after a deployment.

3. Manage Queues :

With the help of Laravel Horizon, we can access comprehensive statistics about all queues about tasks that have been completed within the last hour or last 5 minutes and time they took.

Horizon helps to manage all tasks conveniently with tags and thereby divided into logical groups. At the same time, a single task can contain many tags. It provides performance data reports to the project managers about task life cycles. You can create reports for the completed tasks and the time they took by the task or by task queue. The framework also generates one general report where managers can monitor current task statuses.

4. Code-driven Configuration :

Horizon simplistic code-driven configuration helps to set your laravel queues in a new way that is similar to the Laravel’s schedule, all of your queue worker configuration lives in your code

This code-driven configuration provides the source code control and makes team collaboration very easy and simple. In the config/horizon.php file, you can configure how several processes you want to plan, and you can control the queue processes, timeouts and other settings. Then, to start all of my queue workers, I only need a single, Single line simple command – simple command: php artisan horizon helps you to start with workers processes and also horizon helps you to modify your worker configuration re-deploying the configuration file source.

5. Notifications :

Horizon sends various types of notifications like Slack, SMS, Mail, Database, Broadcast notifications. And also notifies when your queue is becoming overloaded with jobs and helps to improve the queue capacity to run your application smoothly. When a notification is sent that means your queue requires more workers to manage the jobs in the queue. After receiving the notification, Horizon’s code-driven configuration enables you to add more workers to the queue.

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