Laravel :Perfect Choice For Fast Website Development

As one of the most popular open-source PHP frameworks, Laravel has been the talk of the town for quite a while. The creator, Taylor Otwell had created the framework for faster development of web apps and websites, following the MVC model.

When you choose Laravel for your website development, you can leverage its wide array of benefits. With Laravel, you get the tools that will not only help you to build but design all the elements of your website and turn it into an advanced website ready to bring you revenue for your business.

To understand the true potential of Laravel and how to leverage the best for your website before you hire Laravel developer, you have to learn about all the benefits of Laravel first. And that’s why we are going to list down the important benefits of Laravel website development.

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Built-in Tools

Building a website is not only about developing a functional website, but it’s also about developing a fast one. And that’s where the in-built tools of this framework come in handy.

Similar to other PHP frameworks, Laravel comes with multiple built-in tools that streamline all the development functions and common tasks. Important functions such as authentication, caching and routing come in as integrated tools with this framework, making it easier for developers to create a perfect website for revenue acceleration.

Lean Development Services

With the introduction of Lumen, Laravel has now made it really easy to develop a micro service easily. The micro-framework of Laravel works on the same principle as the main framework, however, lumen focuses on lean development a little more than Laravel.

Faster than other micro-frameworks available for PHP web apps development, writing codes for Lumen is similar to writing codes for Laravel. And that’s why it will be easier for new developers to learn Lumen since there is a lot less to learn. The codes written for Lumen can be copied and used in Laravel as well, not to mention you can also add Laravel components to Lumen to extend its functionalities. You get all these advantages only if you choose Laravel development for your website.

MVC Architecture

Probably the most popular feature of Laravel, the MVC structure is perfect for building a faster web platform that is made to scale your business higher.

Model-View-Controller architecture lets the developer handle different aspects of the developmental process separately. The rapid and simultaneous development process increases the speed and accuracy of the development, all the while helping the developers to write clean and legible codes that make for better documentation.

Light-weight Templates

We have already talked about the built-in tools of the Laravel framework, but its light-weight template engine needs to be mentioned again. Laravel’s pre-installed template engine is probably the most powerful among all the other PHP frameworks available. The developers can build dynamic and extraordinary page layouts with in-depth content seeding.

With Laravel coding, you can take advantage of different widgets with strong JS and CSS codings. The inbuilt templates are ready to accumulate plain PHP and cache it to create better performance. The templates are designed in a simple way with different sections, enabling developers to create simple layouts.

Inbuilt Libraries

Laravel is definitely the only PHP framework that comes with the facility of pre-installed libraries. These dynamic libraries include object-oriented libraries that you won’t be able to find any other PHP based frameworks.

Other than the hassle-free implementation, it also comes with many different features such as checking for dynamic clients, CSRF (cross-site request forgery) insurance, encryption, watchword reset, etc. these exclusive features are what makes Laravel so popular for a faster website development process.

URL Generation

Laravel makes it easier for the developers to build links into the templates by generating URLs. any and all Laravel corridors loaded by the framework and that is laid out in the app/Http/routes.php file.

Without this feature, the user won’t be able to see the desired page when they would type a link. The URL routing makes it possible for the web application to show the user the desired page they wanted to see. This is where the Laravel framework provides a plain route description strategy, by accepting a URL and a closure. And that’s why if you want to leverage this advantage, make sure to hire dedicated Laravel developers for your development project.

Mail Service Integration

Another benefit of using Laravel is mail service integration. This feature enables the developer to send real-time notification about the various events that are happening on the web platform.

It is a common and most sought out feature today, and Laravel has it integrated deep into the framework. By providing drivers for Mailgun, SparkPost, Mandrill, PHP’s ‘Mail’ functions and Amazon SES, Laravel enables apps to get started with the notification feature easily.

Fixtures For Technical Vulnerabilities

Laravel is a platform that has solutions for any kind of security issue on its own framework. Choosing a Laravel development process would not only help you to build a faster-growing website but also to develop a secure application.

The integrated technical vulnerabilities fixtures that come with Laravel can save your web application from many different kinds of threats such as cross-site request forgery, SQL injections, cross-site scripting, etc. it will inform you whether the codebase is guarded or not and how many people have vetted the codes you are using. These characteristics only work to enhance the security of an already secure framework.

Advantage Of Artisanal Tool

In order to interact with the Laravel network, the developers need a command like that will develop and manage the project environment. And for this, Laravel provides another integrated feature, which is the Artisan tool for the command line.

With this tool, developers can create skeleton codes and database architectures along with their migrations. As a result, database management becomes really easy, on top of which, the Artisan tool enables generations of MVC files and the formation of custom commands. It allows you to perform all the repetitive tasks required for the programming easily and effortlessly.

Fine And Easy Unit Testing

With the Unit testing feature of Laravel, you can test each and every module of your website before it goes live. This way you can make sure that no part of your website stays broken. The thorough unit testing ensures that the code remains bug-free and no exceptions in your web application, making sure that the users get to experience a high performing and problem-free web application.

The Cons

Obviously, despite all the advantages, Laravel is not without its faults. There are plenty of areas that can prove to be problematic for the development process, depending on the project requirement.

  • Even though Laravel is going to be an amazing choice for you if you want to develop a website fast, but all in all, Laravel makes for a much slower framework than the other PHP frameworks.this however, is caused by the number of database queries raised by the frameworks.
  • This is not only a problem with Laravel but all PHP frameworks, as they are not well suited for real-time communication between developers. If you are looking for better real-time communications between the developers, then you would be better off with Node JS, or Erlang.

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