Legendary British Artists Who Have Taken The World By Storm

Legendary British Artists

Have you ever walked into an art museum and been swayed by the magic? If you’re an art lover, you’ll know exactly what we mean. At first, the art work hung on the wall might seem unexciting, especially from the outside, but only when you take a step towards it will you be mesmerised by the glorious magic they radiate! Even more, upon taking a closer look at the paintings, you’ll definitely land in a whole new world (you could perhaps call it a seventh heaven!) created by the artist.

Moreover, they aren’t a sheer combination of creativity and colours; in fact, they’re a fine-looking end result of vibrant imagination – not to mention the enthralling story that they narrate! Speaking of art work, this world has been surged with excellent artists from all across the globe… but today, in this article, it is the British artists we’d be talking about.

For centuries these people have been the crux of this world, who’ve not just helped in narrating history but also kept entertaining us with various types of expression. Be it for their etching, sculpting or painting, the legendary British painters mentioned in this list have never failed to keep the tradition going by painting some of the most prominent art work.

Well, unless you’ve been living under the rock, you might have surely come across these famous names – J.M.W. Turner, John Ruskin, Thomas Gainsborough, Damien Hirst, etc. Not to mention, each one of them have made it to the list of world’s most gifted and skilled artists. So, without even wasting another minute, let’s immerse ourselves in the artistic glory of these painters.

Richard Hamilton
An exceptional London-born artist, Hamilton is far and wide looked upon as the founder of Pop Art Movement. This has pulled off success all across the globe, especially from the Atlantic – well, majority of credit goes to Hamilton for his influence. Though he left school without gaining any qualification, the exhibition that he conducted in the year 1955 – named Just What Is It That Makes Todays Homes So Different, So Appealing – was a silent indication towards the change in Western culture and art, which even today we’re trying to get accustomed with.

Francis Bacon
Making a special place amongst the most-loved British artists, Bacon’s artwork can be recognised right away; more to the point, it has managed to sway an entire age group of painters. Well, when you take a look at Bacon’s life you’ll realise that only after the late 30s, did he finally got down to some serious work and achieved his breakthrough from his art “ Three Figures At The Base Of The Crucifixion”. Although he was popularly known for offering a dreary existentialist perspective on live, Bacon was however an extremely eloquent and charming bon viveur who has asked for some exorbitant amount for his work as compared to any other British painter.

David Hockney
After spending nearly half of his adolescent living in the sates, largely in California, Bradford’s finest has finally been brought back to life in Yorkshire. It was Hockney’s technicolour portrayal of daily California life, which helped him achieve a place in the 60s’ Pop Art Arena. David proved that he is no faddist and smoothly manoeuvred up the grade because of his unswerving and extensive engagement with the daily life, only to ensure that he remains somewhere at the top of that order.

Henry Moore
By the time he had reached the age of 53, Moore – the son of a coal miner – turned down a knighthood. And by the late 40s’, he had become a popular painter, shedding an intense shadow on most of his artwork and people who followed his wake. Most of the work by Moore, especially his abstract Mother and Child, is normally associated as intense and dark, and still continues to influence a lot of people.  A colossus of creative attempts, his enigma still looms larger than you’d expect.

So, that wraps our list of legendary British artists. Also, if you’re someone who’s a fine lover of art, then with the help of this list unearth some brand new artwork (don’t forget to mention them whilst making a Will to pass it on in your family) – we’re sure you’ll fall in love with them!

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