How Lightweight Plastic Materials are Revolutionizing the Marine Industry

In the marine industry, technological advancements continue to hit the market that make boating easier and more enjoyable. Whether in commercial marine industries or recreation, one technological advancement that is changing the face of the industry may be surprising, and that is the embracing of plastics. Lightweight plastics are making boats and other marine gear safer, more durable and more versatile. Here are some of the ways plastics are changing the marine industry for the better.

Lightweight Plastic Materials

A Shift to Wood-Free Construction
For centuries, wood was the go-to material for marine products, simply because it worked better than metal, which would rust. This is no longer the case. In fact, the industry is switching to wood-free construction, not only for watercraft but also for docks and other marine equipment. While wood was superior than many types of metal, lightweight plastic is far superior to both. Plastic cannot rust, will not break down with constant exposure to water and can come in a wide range of colors. These features make it more appealing than wood for marine construction.

Plastic for All Parts of Boat Construction
On board the modern boat, lightweight plastics are showing up in many different areas. While the obvious place where plastic is found is the making of the boat itself, manufacturers are now turning to plastic for seating upholstery, hatches, windshields and even cup holders. The lightweight nature of plastics and their affordability when compared to aluminum make them the top choice for boat construction in many different places.

Plastics Are the Proven Choice for Recreational Marine Tools
Fishing tackle storage, swim platforms and similar marine recreational materials are all now being made from plastic. Again, the rust proof nature of plastic as well as its lighter weight ensure that these products are easier to use than those made from metal, and they will last longer as well.

Docks and Dock Materials Are Transitioning to Plastics
One of the biggest problems with wood docks is the rotting that takes place under the water level, away from sight. Plastic does not have this problem. For this reason, many modern docks and dock fenders are being created from plastic. Pile wraps are another place where plastic adds the durability necessary in the boating industry. Marine grade plastic sheet can be manipulated into a variety of shapes for docks, and the impact resistance of these plastic products means they will stand up under years of abuse from boats docking alongside.

In the boating world, plastic is rising to the top as the material of choice. It is literally revolutionizing the marine industry, and boating enthusiasts are excited about the many benefits plastics are bringing.

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