Secret to Thick Long Hair with Amla Hair Oil Manufacturing

Thick Long Hair

Did you buy the recently launched hair oil promising hair growth, shinier hair and dandruff removal? It sounded really promising with the leading actress flaunting her shiny mane, isn’t it? Surely a week or two must be fine with the hair oil but if you have continued until a month, is your feedback still the same?

Again for some, the entire sample seems to be a waste of money! It is time that you find out a permanent solution to hair fall, dandruff, itchy scalp, frizzy hair, rough hair and split ends. Amla, a well-known hair care ingredient which if incorporated can give you a mane that others will envy!

Root Cause
We, the modern day ladies love to experiment with our hair styles with hair colouring, straightening, curling, perming, hair sprays for styling and what not! Do you cleanse your hair regularly from dirt, oil and pollution? Also, while you wash away your hair after shampooing do you wash it with enough water? If the above answers are yes, you don’t have to worry much! In case of the opposite it is time that you start cleaning your scalp and hair both on a regular basis.

Secondly, after washing your hair, make sure that it dries up completely, especially the roots. If these roots are clogged with water or moisture, then the hair roots will not be able to breathe and as a result what you get is hair fall with a dampening odour from the scalp! The most commonly predominant reason nowadays of hair loss is hair styling products which use a lot of heat, like hair curls and hair straightening.

But does that mean you will not stylize? Obviously no! You need to know the hacks and products which will act as a shield in order to protect your mane from the high degree of heat and chemicals like that in hair colour!

The Ultimate Solution
There are many ingredients, all natural which will help you with different hair problems but there is one single ingredient which provides a single handed solution to all your hair issues at once! It is none other than Amla. The benefits of using Amla Hair Oil can be summarised as below:

  • Controls hair fall
  • Control frizzy hair,
  • Conditions and deeply nourishes hair from root to tip – due to abundant fatty acids
  • Non-sticky
  • Stops premature greying – due to Vitamin C components
  • Adds volume
  • It is the best cure for itchy scalp and dandruff because it has micro granules which penetrate deep in the scalp and heal from within.
  • It helps in hair regrowth due to iron content, but only with regular usage.

Manufacturing Process
There are several amla hair oil manufacturers in the market who are competing to be the best and are thus trying to bring forth the best amla concoction. The seeds are removed and dried under the Sun. Once they have completely dried up, coconut oil is mixed with them. This mixture is now boiled or heated in low flame. Then it is cooled down and packed in bottles. An extra dose of amla juice or other herbal ingredients may also be added.

Start massaging your hair and scalp with amla hair oil and see the difference in a week! Try it to believe it.

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