Look a Laravel Salient features in 5.8 Version before 6.0 launched

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One of the popular PHP frameworks Nowadays, Laravel provides open-source, robust, Secure and easy to understand Platforms. It is based on a platform model-view-controller design pattern and it reuses all existing components of different frameworks of PHP to create a better web application. A web application that creates through this, turns out to be more structured and pragmatic. Through Laravel development we can create attractive websites with some dynamic features.

The framework has an updated set of functionalities and inherited basic features of PHP frameworks like CodeIgniter, Yii and other programming languages like Ruby on Rails, etc. If you want to hire a PHP developer who is in-depth knowledge of Core PHP and Advanced PHP, Laravel will make your web development task a cup of cake. With the help of this, you can save a lot of time and money.

Laravel 5.8 allows updated and improvements made in Laravel 5.7 by proposing other functionalities like has-one-through Eloquent relationships, improved email authorization, convention-based automatic registration, DynamoDB cache, and session drivers, changes in scheduler timezone configuration, support for assigning multiple authentication guards to broadcast channels, PSR-16 cache driver compliance, improvements to the artisan serve command, etc

Go, through in-depth knowledge of some features of laravel 5.8 :

1. CarbonV2 feature :

Laravel 5.8 can use Carbon v1 or Carbon v2 features, including the power to use CarbonImmutable, and even make CarbonImmutable the default. In the latest version, Localization has changed quite a bit in Carbon v2, with better internationalization support than v1.

2. Authority to change names Mailables directory :

This is one of those important and prior elements that you will need to be aware of when scaling a project. Talking about mailable, if you have them in your project and you utilize customized components using the PHP artisan ‘vendors’, publish command, the folder names have changed slightly.

For example :

/resources/views/vendor/mail/markdown directory is now named /resources/views/vendor/mail/text.

3. String & Array helpers in Laravel 5.8 :

Laravel5.8 update String and Array helpers are introduced. In most of the cases, they are little valuable apart from style, when compared to using the class equivalents, and Laravel plans on releasing the helpers as an optional package if you are want to use this feature then it’s a choice.

4. Cache TTL Services :

A notable change in the latest Laravel version which requires special attention for future moderation is the Cache TTL Changes. Passing integers to cache methods represent seconds instead of minutes now.

A few other updates include:

  • Laravel 5.8 has support for the ~4.0 release of the Pheanstalk queue library. You can upgrade your Pheanstalk library in your application, please upgrade your library to the ~4.0 release via Composer.
  • This latest Laravel update provides new error page templates or blade views. This template can be used for a default 404 pages.
  • Laravel 5.8 will now support the relatively new dotenv 3.0 to manage your project’s .env environment file.

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