Love My Swag Has That Janis Savitt Bracelet

If you’re looking for jewelry by Janis Savitt, you can be proud of your taste in the finest designs out there, and you’re not alone. Janis Savitt, who herself is an experienced silversmith and jeweler, has designed and produced some of the most highly coveted pieces of jewelry and designs in the world. Not only acclaimed by discerning models and people of high tastes, but Janis Savitt’s designs have also been awarded time and time again by some of the most illustrious of critics and organizations, even featuring prominently on the forms of many famous celebrities. Not only are they trendsetting in style but these designs also incorporate only the finest of fine and precious metals and stones. Janis Savitt jewelry has no peers and little competition, and that is a distinction held in lofty regard.

Among the most popular of the designs by Janis Savitt Jewelry is her collection of Cobra bracelets. A Janis Savitt Bracelet such as one of the Cobra models can make the perfect augmentation to any dress or occasion. And among the designs of the Cobra line, there is great diversity among the elements. Such a Janis Savitt bracelet as the gold plated Single Open Back Cobra Bracelet makes a statement on its own or in concert with other bangles or bracelets. It is gloriously simple in its configuration, even accommodating with stretch for the wearer. It appears simple with its coiled contours that offer just enough intricacy to hold the attention of a percipient audience. A design as simple as this can stand alone to impress or be stacked with other bracelets to complete any ensemble. The intrigue of Janis Savitt form only grows more interesting from there, with Double and Triple Cobra Bracelets in an array of widths and finishes. Take Janis Savitt’s Double Medium Cobra Bracelet in Gold, only a minor iteration beyond the single Cobra bracelet with an entirely novel dimension of depth and character. Dynamic and fluid, this bracelet can also be stacked to give an additional appeal to an outfit.

Then there are the gracefully incongruous lines and bold colors of Janis Savitt bracelets such as the Triple Cobra Bracelet in Gold, Rhodium and Rose Gold. The light and effect of these three metals bring a visual and aesthetic harmony that is impressive in its import. It is interesting to note how the Triple Cobra Bracelet in Gold, Rhodium and Gun Metal is only very slightly different in its finish, yet pleasantly jars the senses in its contrast. It is interesting how only the slightest alteration on the finish brings about something that is pleasant in its discord. The stark contrast of the gunmetal heightens an appreciation for the bracelet’s appearance. Only a slight alteration to a basic design can bring about amazing and impressive effects on the senses.

Any of these, or even another Janis Savitt bracelet, would make an undeniably positive attribute to any outfit, due in large part to the visionary work of Janis Savitt that seems to augment any look. You can be sure to find any of these and many more at, where the astute and the adroit dresser will find so many hard to find pieces in commendable names like Janis Savitt and other designers. Trust in Love My Swag to outfit you with the Janis Savitt designs that you yearn for to put the ideal touch on your image and you won’t be disappointed. With a selection more complete than anywhere else around, you’ll find that look you’ve been seeking – all you have to do is take a look at what’s in store at

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