LOVE ON THE SAND: 6 Setup Inspirations for A Romantic Beach Date

When you want the best romantic getaway for your girlfriend or wife, one of the best locations to have it set up is the beach! What a lovely time it will be to spend a pleasant bonding on the sand, by the waters, with the person dear to you. 

A beach date setting is perfect as it is, just by looking at how marvelous the sea is as it is separated from the sands! What’s more, you can be extra creative and extra sweet by setting up the place with designs, decorations and styles that will make your date an even more delightful one. 

Below are 6 setup ideas and inspirations for a romantic beach date! Go check them out!


Source – Picnic Tale

Not everyone would dare to have a date under the heat of the sun, but imagine how amazing the time would also be as you clearly see the sea and the sand hit by the rays of Mr. Sun! 

This idea is a summer-themed picnic date on the beach. It’s actually the perfect setting for a unique date during summer. With a thick picnic mat or a big cloth mat, you can be closer to the sand. The sand is most likely warm or hot, and to avoid the inconvenience that it might cause, use a thick wide cloth, so you can move well. You can even lie down to feel the soft sand although you cannot directly do so since it might hurt your skin. 

Buy and take tasteful fruits with you! You can make fresh fruit juices and shakes, and drink them nicely on the beach. Wow! A beach date made vibrant by the colorful mouth-watering and thirst-quenching fruits is definitely a unique one. Don’t forget your sunglasses and your beach hats! If you’d prefer a summer umbrella standing by your mat, take one or rent if the beach has any! It’s absolutely going to be one sunny day you’ll keep remembering!



Source – yesofcorsa

What about a quiet time in the middle of a beach where it’s only your hut that stands there? Catch the sunset as you are covered by a modern hut just like the one in the photo above. 

This idea could be offered by particular beach resorts with date areas on the sand. However, if you want to provide your own hut such as this, it’s going to be quite costly. You might have to buy your own or rent somewhere to bring it to the beach.

You can see that it’s just very simple but elegant. The white see-through clothes add a pint of grace to the plane hut. Also,it has a wooden base floor which is very thick, so if you or your girlfriend/wife does not want to be bothered by the sand, it’s convenient enough. 

When it comes to the design, it’s less expensive, but you will have to spend a lot more on the hut itself. It would be a calming time for meaningful conversations!



Source – Sun-Surfer

An irreplaceable symbol of love, heart designs never fail when it comes to expressing how you love and appreciate a person. Heart stickers, heart balloons and heart-printed curtains are overrated. How about taking it to another hearty level?

The idea above is perfect for an undeniably romantic getaway. It will work best in beach date surprises too. Your lady will surely be stunned and happy with tears of joy seeing this lit setting after she removes her blindfold! Yes, just like those you see in movies!

If you come to think of it, without the lights forming the perfect heart, it would have been very simple. Even the table cloth is just plain white with a metallic border. There are a few rose petals that add to the romantic look of the spot! The heart did great while it’s not needing too much of anything as well, just the lights and your good sense of measurement! 

This kind of beach date setup is also like making everyone in the place knows what’s going on! If it’s a huge heart on the sand, it cannot be a child-and-parent date; you get it, right? It’s like shouting out that the people in that heart are people in-love, and nobody else can get in! You become one in love.    



Pexels – suzukii xingfu

A heartwarming take on a beach date is making the place a different level of paradise when it already is! Take a look at how the art of palm trees has been used to make that little set-up come with a refreshing beachy vibe.

Actually, you will encounter usually this beach date style since many choose it, but you can always put your own ideas. The decors were really planned as you see leaf ornaments tied on the foot of the roofed stand. 

The candles make the night even more glowing. Put tough chairs and a table since the sand can be hard to keep their feet on. This style is paradise camp-inspired wherein you will have to put sticks together to create a little area where you can get a shade.



Source – Pinterest

Stars make the sky bright and glittery at night. It’s a spectacle to witness. Have a beach date under the stars by putting up a reliable tent in the middle of the vast seashore! This is a great idea, so you can be secure from the cold of night, especially when it drizzles or rains! You know the seabreeze is a lot more intense and chilly in the evening, so if you don’t want to get feeling frozen, it’s best to have this setup. 

The good thing about this is that you have a floor and a roof! You have privacy just as you need on your date. You stay overnight too! Experience how it is to fall asleep in-love on the numerous sand of a beach. 


You must make use of tough materials, so your tent can stand durable, even when the wind could be going your direction. 



Source – Pinterest

A simple beach date would probably be the best option if you want to keep everything simple and sweet, just like this idea with a bonfire as its highlight. 

If you just want a warm moment with some thoughtful catching up, you can just set up a bonfire and sit beside it! It’s surely going to be a time of remembrance and recollection with the fire as your witness. There’s something special about fire that makes it significant in opening and closing events and in being used as a symbol too. 

This style is really affordable, and it literally does not need anything but woods and fire! You can bring some marshmallows with you. Cook them above the fire, and there you have a campfire in the middle of a pretty beach! 




The beach indeed creates an even more magical vibe to your charming date ideas! Being by the shore itself makes it a wonderful time for relaxation, catching up and sharing adorable moments together! 

Whether it’s an already-set-up beach design in the place you’ve chosen or it’s your personally thought up style, bear in mind to make the most out of every second. Stare at the sea long enough, be mesmerized by curves made on the countless sand and enjoy the time with the person you love! 



Nicole Ann Pore is a daytime writer for Kims, a beachside retreat in Australia offering awesome beachside lodges like no other. | Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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