How Marine Castings are Important for Manufacturing Industry

Marine Casting

Casting is a technique where the metal is poured into a mould to make a product. The shape of the mould depends on the shape of the object which is to be created.

Marine Casting is the process through which parts that are to be used on a ship, boat, marine vessels etc are made using some casting process. This is important since corrosion of the metal will cause issues in the working of that part.

Casting makers apply different ranges of metals to cast any product. This is done with a motive to make casting sturdy and functioning for ships, boats, vessels, etc.

Which metals are generally used for marine casting?

Some of these materials are:-

  • Silicon
  • Iron Anodes
  • Zinc Anodes
  • Aluminum Anodes

From above materials, aluminum anode is popular for marine castings since the material has its own anti-corrosion property. Manufacturers take help of precision investment casting technique to design marine castings for marine applications.

Why aluminum anodes are used in a marine casting?

Aluminum is a highly active metal which oxidizes as soon as it comes to contact with air. This makes aluminum doubtless choice for making marine castings because of its oxidized state.

The oxidized states of other metals actually fasten their corrosive nature, whereas, in aluminum, the oxidized state acts as a boon. It forms a protective layer around the metal that prevents it from corrosion.

The fact is that the marine ships are in constant contact with water, and if these ships are built with any other metal, the ships become highly susceptible to corrosion, which is not the case for aluminum. This is why marine industry mostly relies on aluminum products.

Precision Investment Casting

Most of the casting companies and foundries use this kind of casting process to make marine products. This is because the size of the marine products needs to be very precise and accurate, which is possible with precision investment casting technique.

The technique involves the usage of the pattern that is created with wax or substances with similar properties. The main motive behind using wax is that when the casting manufacturing team pours the molten metal to the pattern, the wax melts down and pattern is removed.

This wax is then drained by inverting the mould.

Which marine products are made using metal casting?

A lot of ships, boats, etc are made from metal. Nowadays, most of them are being made using metal casting. Some examples of these products are:-

  • Propellers
  • Stern tubes
  • Bearings
  • Bearing Housings
  • Keels
  • Gear Housing

In marine industry, where most of its products are in seawater for the most time of the year, it is important to make the metal corrosion resistive to increase the life of the ship.

While some products are naturally corrosion resistive, their strength as well as other properties make them less viable for use and thus, use of marine casting metals is a better option for the industry.

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