Mentoring: What’s It All About?


Mentoring software is taking the business world by storm thanks to the multitude of benefits it has to offer, not only in terms of employee welfare but also in its ability to help with the smooth flow of business operations and profitability. So, what’s it all about? Here, we look at the main advantages of investing in a mentoring system for your business.

Skill Building

A mentoring system helps new or inexperienced employees to gain new skills with the help of their peers. This starts with gaining new knowledge that will help them to do well in their role, which will benefit the company.

The process of approaching a colleague to ask for help, discussing the problem and coming up with a solution, will work wonders for that person’s interpersonal skills, especially in a professional capacity.

Furthermore, the member of staff who is carrying out the role of mentor will also learn communication skills as well as having an introduction to leadership and what that can be like. As an employer you can then utilise the characteristics of a good mentee to help benefit the company.

Employee Welfare

Employee welfare is quickly climbing the ranks of priorities for business owners, due to new legislation that puts it at the forefront of nationwide aims. The fact that a happy workforce is a more productive workforce is becoming more widely recognised, and a mentoring system allows you to achieve this.

Having a support network readily available at all times will help to lower any stress felt by an employee, and consistent learning will help them to grow in confidence in their role. Furthermore, by investing in a mentoring system you are investing in your staff ‘s progression, which lets them know that they are valued, which in turn leads to greater productivity.

Operational Productivity

Another advantage of establishing a mentoring framework in the workplace is that it allows members of staff to help one another, rather than relying on the HR department to be the first port of call for any questions. This not only eases the workload of an inevitably busy human resources department, but also results in getting a more knowledgeable response to your query.

Getting help from a mentor gives you experience of having your work critiqued and learning how to accept and move forward from feedback in a productive way. This also helps things to run more smoothly as there will be fewer grievances.

As you can see, investing in mentoring software for your business has many benefits. It helps employees to build on their skills and knowledge with the help of their peers, it helps them to feel more confident in their roles, makes them feel more valued as they progress, and helps the company to run more smoothly as a whole.

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