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There are a number of parental control and monitoring apps in the market. We checked over a dozen for this post and found just one app that is extremely good, reliable and effective.

We compared the apps for features, functionality, price and plans, customer reviews and how useful the apps are. We were impressed with BlurSPY app. BlurSPY is parental control, employee monitoring, and partner tracking software for Android and iPhone users.

This app has a good number of useful features that make spying on any phone and device easy and fun. The interesting thing is this app ensures maximum privacy. The users are satisfied with its performance, features, and package pricing.

Let’s talk about the best features of the best mobile parental control and monitoring software.

The Best Features of BlurSPY App

Below are the best features of BlurSPY app that you will find useful whenever you have to track any android phone.

Phone Call Tracker

This feature is useful when you have to track phone calls on the target phone. The app allows users to monitor all the incoming and outgoing phone calls. You can view the calls, durations, timings as well as the phone numbers.

There is an option to live to intercept the calls. You can also record any phone call on the target phone. With blocking feature in this, the users can block any phone number to not allow calls from that user.

Tracking Text Messages

Here is another useful feature. Tracking activities of a smartphone will be incomplete without spying on the text messages because they are an important part of daily conversations.

With this feature, BlurSPY users will be able to spy on the text messages on the target phone. You can view messages, check all conversations, see the phone numbers of the senders and receivers, text body, time of the messages as well as block any numbers to not get messages.

GPS Location Tracker

GPS location tracker is the most important and widely used feature. Many apps offer just location tracker but BlurSPY has a complete package for the users. With this feature, you can do a lot of things.

The users can live track the location of the android phones. The app shows a clear map of the target phone with their movement. The app also keeps a record of the weekly locations that you can view anytime later on in the history section of the app.

Hacking Social Media

Have you ever thought of hacking social media of anyone? I am sure you must have. There are not enough tools and software that can hack any social media app or website but BlurSPY does it better than any other app.

With this feature, you can hack any social media app. WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, Skype, Instagram,SnapChat and all other apps can easily be hacked. You will be able to view their activities, check the messages and spy on their chats.

WhatsApp, Messenger Tracking

You may want to spy on WhatsApp and Messenger activities of the target person on their phones. With screen recording feature of phone spy app, you can capture the screen of an app.

That means you will have access to their messages, chats, contacts, audio,and video messages and multimedia files. The feature makes it easy for BlurSPYusers to spy on the instant messengers. The same can be done with Messenger.


Screen Monitoring Feature

Many parents are worried about the phone activities of their teens and kids. For such parents, this feature is very helpful as it allows them to track the phone history and capture the screen of the phone.

You can hack the device and get access to all the contacts, messages, calls, apps, phone history, internet and browsing history,and everything. Parents can protect their kids with this feature.

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