Mouth Watering Delicacies from All Over The World

mouth watering food

Food has always been a necessity for our survival is what every science book would tell you. But actually it is more than that. Food is a way of life. Different places have different cultures, different topography and these results in a wide variety of mouth-watering delicacies throughout the world.

What type of food we like is shaped by the society and each of the societies has their own special delicacy. This is what we are going to talk about today. Following is a pretty well researched list of the different delicacies from different places all over the world.

First is a list of some not too common delicacies which might sound crazy when you first hear about them but each and every one of them are mouth watering delicious and would definitely tingle your taste buds in the right way.

Birds nest soup, China

This is not made from twigs or leaves but from the saliva of a particular bird.

Fried Tarantulas, Cambodia

If you suffer from arachnophobia this is probably a dish that you should opt out from eating.

Puffer fish, Japan

This is one of the most dangerous foods found all over the world. It requires extremely skilled chefs to prepare it.

Surstromming, Sweden

It is a type of fermented herring

Following is the list of more commonplace delicacies from all over the world for which you do not have to be a crazy person to eat.

Kaju paneer

India has a large vegetarian population. For religious or some other reason a large number of people living In India does not consume any non-veg food. This has resulted in several delicacies being created directed towards this veg population and one of the most mouth watering delicacies is the kaju paneer. You can find the kaju paneer recipe in Hindi just by doing a simple online search.


This is one of the favourite foods all over the world. Burgers are famous in Germany. Burgers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Even veg burgers are available in several places.


This is a Mexican dish which has gained enormous popularity all over the world. Almost all the large cities have taco joints. Tacos are simple and delicious just how food should be.


This is a dish which is found mostly in the Indian subcontinent. This is a dish which mostly consists of rice meat egg and sometimes potatoes. It is a spicy dish. When cooked properly the aroma of the dish is enough to drive you crazy.

Above are the delicacies from around the world which you should try out at least once in your lifetime. It may not be possible to actually go to where the dish originated to have a taste but due to such large scale globalisation almost everything is now available in the big cities.

All the recipes can be found online and you can even cook these dishes yourself. The ingredients required for the dishes mentioned in the beginning may be difficult to find. For these specific dishes traveling to these parts of the world would be your best bet.

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