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Make up is a woman’s best buddy and an inevitable part of a woman’s daily regime. Not only to look beautiful, defined and confident but make up has a new definition today. Yes, it is more used for concealing the skin flaws that you have developed across the years with use of cosmetic products which contain harsh chemicals and take a toll on the skin way too adversely.

It is time that you start to improve the health of your skin rather than imposing yet another layer of foundation over the concealing layer every day! With the pledge to improve the skin health, your first step should be to include herbal products in your kitty! Yes, you heard that right!

Origin of Herbals
In the olden days, our moms and grand moms didn’t have so much of skin tantrums as we face today. It is due to extreme pollution and harmful sunrays as a result of global warming. Our moms and grand moms used neem, tulsi, turmeric, sandalwood, tomatoes, carrots and all natural ingredients on their skin! However the goodness of these herbal products have been mentioned by the saints and hermits thousands of years ago and we term it as the Ayurveda!

Herbals vs Chemicals
These cosmetic products may make you look better or conceal your skin flaws for a while, but isn’t it embarrassing to put on makeup and concealer even for going to the local market or maybe when some close friends or relatives step into your place with a short notice? You have to rush with the makeup kit rather than preparing for their hospitality! It’s time that you think of getting a naturally healthy and better skin.

No, you don’t have to go out in the farmland or climb up trees to bring down those essential fruits and make a paste out of it! The herbal product manufacturers are there to help you. They help combine the goodness of natural ingredients in gel or cream form and present them to you in tubes. Just squeeze out and apply! Now, let us go through the wide list of herbal products that the herbal product manufacturer offers:

  • Face wash and cleansers based on skin type
  • Scrubs to exfoliate the skin to remove accumulated impurities, pollution and oil which produce blackheads
  • Cream with skin brightening and healing properties and they do keep the promise!
  • Anti-ageing creams for wrinkle control and prevention of skin sagging
  • Moisturisers and toners to balance your skin’s ph level.
  • Hair shampoos and conditioners, while they control hair fall, make your hair grow, control dandruff and all these claims are true! Try it once and you will be convinced. Hair serums are also available
  • Herbal toothpaste and dental care items are also available to give you white teeth while removing mouth odour and toothaches.
  • The advantage of herbal products is that they are completely devoid of Parabens, sulphates, petroleum and mineral oils unlike those of alluring skin care brands!

The herbal products are manufactured from the extracts of rose, sandalwood, neem, tulsi, aloe vera, papaya extracts, clay, orange peel, lavender, cocoa, shea butter, olive, coconut, rice powder and lots more.

Start cleansing, toning and moisturising followed by scrubbing. Buy them from the leading herbal product manufacturers in the market for genuine products.

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