One Stop Tyre Centre launches web application for tyre demo

Kettlebrook Staffordshire: One Stop Tyre Centre, a leading garage in the area launches web-based services to provide online demos for tyres.

One Stop Tyre Centre one of the leading local garages with raving reviews have recently launched their revamped website. Keeping in view the dependence of patrons on web-based services for booking appointments the garage has invested in enhancing its online presence. One of the beacons of the new website is the online demo available for tyre fittings and checking out of the tyres available at their facilities.

Pratyush Srivastava one of the managers at the facility stated that with the increasing dependence of patrons on web services we are looking forward towards the expansion of mobile services and consolidating online presence. This he said is one of the many moves that we will make to ensure that vehicular maintenance is no longer cumbersome or tedious as such the coming months will witness multiple changes in our already mushrooming online presence.

The new application on the website is simple to use and presents a detailed overview of all the tyres available here. The application also allows visitors to select the desired tyre and see and get a feel of how they would look on their respective vehicles. Te feature also allows users to get an understanding of the features like width, diameter, load-bearing capacity and speed index of tyres.

‘We look forward to using the new features and trying out tyres Tamworth on our vehicles’ Atharva a local motorist was quoted as saying upon learning about the new features being introduced.

All in all the move by One Stop Tyre Centre is a positive step towards digitisation of the automotive industry. And with better and more sophisticated features making it to online portals it can be said that the service sector of the automobile industry is finally catching up with the digital revolution. All now left is to wait and watch how this affects customers and how quickly this bold move catches on with the rest of the service providers in the area.

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