Packing Hacks for Moving: Plan Your Trip with Packing Luggage Hacks

packing luggage hacks

Packing for a travel trip can turn into a tricky business. Everyone wants to carry their favorite clothes, fancy shoes, and everything else that is used on a daily basis. The truth, however, is that the desire to pack everything is way too much and the space is not.

But, don’t worry, this article’s only aim is to make sure that every bit of your bag is used yet save some more space for your headphones, extra pair of shoes or whatever you want to carry on your trip.

Or smartly put, when you finish reading this article, you’ll not be a person worried about travel packing woes, but a more organized packer. Also, be sure to check out the best hotels in Rajkot, if you are visiting this former princely capital of Saurashtra region.

Always roll your clothes instead of folding

It shouldn’t be a surprise as you read this but this is most important packing hack that most travelers follow. By doing so, you’ll know how much space you can save while packing for your next trip. Additional benefit is that rolling helps you prevent creases that might have created while you were folding.

Pack your socks inside your shoes

As simple as this sounds, we often make the mistake in putting socks in bags and wonder later about the used space. So, pack your socks inside your shoes and save the space. It’s a great hack when you want to pack an extra pair of shoes. Also, try to fit as much pairs as possible inside each shoe.

Waterproof your belongings

By lining the sides on the inside with zip-locks and cubes that carry your things, you can easily make your belongings waterproof in your bag. And in case you’re carrying a raincoat as well, then put it on the top of all your belongings and there you are, done!

Use packing cubes

You can use different colored packing cubes to separate your clothing. By doing this, you will not only be able to group similar clothing pieces together but would also help you become more organized. And, a cherry on a cake, SPACE SAVING!

Use laundry bags

Make sure to use laundry bag as you can keep your soiled clothes and wet swimming costume from spoiling the fresh ones. Almost every hotel room (including the best hotels in Rajkot) have them placed there for a reason.

Lay your wrinkle prone clothes on the bottom

Doesn’t matter, whether you are carrying a dress or a suit, if it’s going to wrinkle, best hack is to lay it flat in the bottom of the suitcase or bag and you will be able to save some laundry money at the hotel.

Carry a soft handbag with a strap

Well, many of us carry handbags while traveling as they come really handy when it comes to putting everything in it which we cannot fit in our pockets. However, choose a soft handbag, the next time you travel, as this will only carry your things, but can also free up an extra hand that you can employ anywhere else.

Pack everything, carry half of it

The best to figure out what are the essential things to carry on a trip is to pack everything that strikes to your mind and then remove half of them. As a result, you would only be carrying what you actually need as all the inessentials are already filtered.

Like mentioned already, be sure to use these smart packing and luggage hacks and you will be smart traveler. Also, try checking out the best luxury hotel services in Rajkot if you are traveling to this awe-inspiring I city. Happy Traveling!

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