Paintless Dents Repair Details You Didn’t Know

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Did you know that paintless dent removal exists? This process involves removing dents from the doors, fenders, and even hood of a car without having to resort to the old fashioned methods. In the past, removing dents was very complicated. The dent had to be pulled outwards, the paint was removed, body filler was applied, and then once it dried, everything was sanded smooth.

Then, the area was repainted. As you can imagine, it took a very long time to fix that damaged section. Thankfully, modern technology has changed things to the point where paintless dent removal has become the norm. Here’s more on what it entails, thanks to paintless dent removal Concord.

There’s More To It Than Using a Dent Popper

You’ve probably seen the commercials for dent poppers. These devices are designed to simply pop the dents out of your fenders, and you don’t need to do much in order to make them work. Ideally, that’s how they should work anyway. In reality, these don’t actually do the job as intended. They might pop out some of the dent, but certainly not all of it. You’ll still end up with a high section, a low section, and a middle section, all of which will be at different heights. This doesn’t solve your dent problem.

Experts Use a Number of Tools

Professionals who specialize in paintless dent removal don’t just use a dent popper. They have a number of tools on hand that help them do the job. For example, they’ll use adhesives designed to keep certain devices in place in order to pull up the dented area without ruining the paint’s finish. They also have access to a special lifting apparatus, as well as a number of tabs that they can attach in order to do this right.

Larger Dents Can Be Popped Out

If you have a large dent on your vehicle and think that you can’t use a paintless dent removal service because it won’t work, you’re wrong. In many cases, these technicians can get out very large dents. However, the process is a bit more complicated and it will take longer. For example, at a certain point, the technician may have to loosen the paint on your car slightly with a hairdryer in order to get their devices to adhere properly. Once the dent is out, they then cool the paint back down and then allow it to harden back up.

Every Paintless Dent Repair Shop Is Different

This is very true! Every single paintless dent repair shop does things a bit differently. They have their own proprietary methods of getting the job done. Some are able to do this quite quickly, while others move more slowly. Choosing the best one for your needs will require a bit of research.

You shouldn’t just Google paintless dent removal Concord and hope for the best. Instead, reach out to the companies that you find and ask questions. It’s all about making an educated decision.

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