Percossi Papi Jewelry Perfect For the Stage

Gathering the proper jewelry and attire for old-world films or plays can be a difficult task. A lot needs to be taken into consideration. What time period is being portrayed? What were the different classes during that time period? What were the dress codes for each different class and what was the difference between male or female attire? What kind of jewelry was worn? What was the makeup like? What were the trends and religious views? If you plan to make a film or a play that accurately portrays the time period you’re aiming for, then thorough research needs to be done.

Jewelry and attire are two things that should be placed in their own separate categories. Both need to be thoroughly researched, but attire is a category that goes much deeper than jewelry. This is because there are many pieces of a wardrobe that go together. There is the dress, the pants, underpants, shirts, shoes, tights, vests, corsets, ruffs, necklines, bust shapes, skirts shapes and sizes, heel height, gloves, and more. There are so many pieces to one outfit and each needs to be thoroughly checked for accuracy from buttons and fabrics all the way down to hemline and stitching.

Jewelry, on the other hand, does not have as many details that need to be checked like clothing does, but it does need to be researched for colors, shapes, lengths, stones, type of metal, and more. One of the most popular jewelry designers for old-world films and plays is Percossi Papi.

Since 1968, Percossi Papi has been creating jewels in the heart of ancient Rome and evoke the rich history and colors or the Mediterranean and ancient Roman architecture. His jewelry has been featured in many films such as “Luisa Sanfelice” and “Alatriste” and Oscar Prize winner “Elizabeth: The Golden Age.”

Whether you’re on the hunt for jewelry for a film or play or simply looking for another piece of fine, intricately detailed jewelry to add to your own collection, Love My Swag has so many options to choose from. Their selection includes jewelry from designers such as Janis Savitt, Julie Vos, King Baby Studio, Pandora, Virgin Saints and Angels, and, of course, Percossi Papi.

Some of their most popular Percossi Papi pieces include the Hand Painted Earrings featuring religious figures, peridot pearls, and enamel garnet. Looking closely, the design features three rounded domes of an orthodox church that signify the Holy Trinity.

The White Topaz and Onyx Moon and Sun Earrings are also a popular piece. These earrings feature semi-precious and precious stones with micro pave seed pearls and are hand made in Italy.

Another extremely popular piece is the Blue Topaz and Pearl Sunburst Earrings. These beautiful earrings feature blue topaz, pearls, and 18k gold. These earrings are different than some of his other designs because they are a bit less extravagant in design and color. They feature a two-tone color pattern and are slightly understated which allows them to be worn for a variety of occasions.

To see more Percossi Papi jewelry or to browse jewelry from a variety of other designers, visit With over 75 jewelry brands to choose from, you are sure to find something that is exactly what you are looking for, and with the holiday season fast approaching you are sure to need a beautiful gift for your special loved one. For more information, reach out to us via our Contact Us form on our website, email us at or give us a call at 214-691-0123.

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