Web Design Techniques For Pest Control Companies Website

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With few exceptions, web design targets specific elements that enhance the appeal of the page, allow for greater exposure on the Internet, and produce a high degree of response by visitors to the site. Design specialists look at the products or services offered by the company, figure out who the targeted audience is, and come up with a program that utilizes text, imagery, and overall content in a manner that is favorably analyzed by the search engines.

Pest control companies are offering a very specific service. Because they operate within certain geographical boundaries, their potential customer base is already narrowed. However, this in no way guarantees that a website will draw in the preferred number of clients. Every part of the website must resonate not only with the search engines but also with the customer base that views it.

#1. Targeting The Local Audience
Those who browse the Web in search of a particular product or service will likely use their location as part of the search terms. In many cases, frustration occurs when it becomes obvious that the majority of pages visited do not actually provide service to those living in the immediate vicinity. In other words, the web design incorporated the use of city/state information randomly, with nothing on the actual web pages to back up this claim.

Nothing is more appealing to a site visitor than seeing their own community listed on the home page. For example, if a pest control company serves all suburbs of Kansas City, these communities should be listed as part of the headline on the home page. If the customer lives in Overland Park, he or she will be much more responsive if this name is clearly shown. There should also be a direct link to a page that talks about pest control services for Overland Park.

#2. Experts In The Industry
If a pest control company wants to attract customers based on a proven track record of success – including customer testimonials – these should be included on the landing page. Tabs that are labeled according to the type of pest control service should take the site visitor directly to a page that speaks about how this company can effectively perform termite control or rodent removal.

Termite treatment, for example, is a specific type of service performed by the company. The customer wants to know how this will be performed and how much it will cost. He/she needs to be able to find this information without having to link two or three times before landing on the page that describes this type of operation.

#3. Specific Services
If the customer needs a professional termite control specialist to take care of an infestation, the relevant information should be found directly through terms searching. If termite treatment is typed into the search bar along with the community name, the website must be content-marketed in a way that is looked at favorably by the search engines.

Professionally designed pest control websites will include total search phrase in the texts. This gives alternate landing pages more visibility.

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