Picking The Right Dumpster For A Hassle-Free Generated Trash And Clutter Disposal

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Renting a dumpster in order to help you dispose of items related to a home remodel or clean out involves a bit more than calling up a company and having them deliver the dumpster. There are several different factors involved here – including choosing the right size dumpster for your needs, as well as understanding the laws regarding refuse. Here’s what Nova Dumpsters wants you to know about this process.

How Big Does The Dumpster Need to Be?

First and foremost, size matters. How big of a dumpster do you need? There are actually several different sizes to pick from, ranging from 10 yards (which can hold about three pickup trucks worth of trash) to 40 yards (also known as around 12 pickup truck beds full of trash). You’ll need to examine the project and determine exactly how much garbage it will create. This needs to be done before you reach out to Nova Dumpsters in order to get a price.

Always Negotiate the Price

Speaking of prices, you need to negotiate the cost with the rental company. Some of them have special discounts for people who are military veterans or senior citizens. Also, if you belong to a certain organization, you might be able to save around 10 to 15% off the list price as well. While not every trash removal company will negotiate with you, it never hurts to ask, especially if you know that you’ll need more dumpsters in the future.

What Are You Getting Rid Of?

The second thing that the dumpster company will ask you (the first is how big of a dumpster you need) is what you plan on getting rid of. They ask this because there are laws and regulations that must be followed regarding what ends up in a landfill or which items will be recycled. For example, hazardous waste, such as panels that contain asbestos or lead-based paint needs to be handled in a specific way, and cannot go into a standard landfill. You need to be aware of what will be disposed of and prepare to pay a bit more (and get a special trash removal service) for things that are very dangerous.

What’s Involved In the Service?

Always ask the trash removal company what their service entails. Obviously, they’ll bring the dumpster to you, but how much of the overall removal cost is included? What if you end up with more than one dumpster load of trash? Are they including the landfill cost (usually per square foot) in their quote? There are many factors here, and you need to ask these questions so that you’re completely prepared.

As you can see, renting a dumpster to collect trash for a project involves quite a bit more than calling up a company and having one magically appear in your front or backyard. The costs of everything need to be considered, and you need to have an understanding of what you’re getting rid of. Otherwise, you might be in for a surprise.

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