Best Peanuts With Premium Seeds For Garden Owners

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Peanuts are a great addition to your home garden as this crop hardly needs your attention to offer bountiful yields. Peanuts exporters India are the best source to get premium quality peanut seeds. If you want to experiment this season in your garden, peanut seeds would be the best choice. Home grown peanuts can be used in several ways. You can roast them in their shells, ground the peanuts to get peanut butter or simply boil them and have them as a snack.

While selecting peanut seeds for planting, you should know all the types of peanuts available at the store. There are four types of peanuts you can get from the supplier- Virginia, Runner, Spanish, and Valencia. Let’s know them better in brief-

  • Virginia – Virginia peanuts have largest seeds and are often roasted in the shell. These types of peanuts have more gourmet quality.
  • Runner – Runner peanuts have a uniform size and are often used to prepare peanut butter.
  • Spanish – Spanish peanuts have the smallest seeds and are used as snack ingredient. Spanish peanuts contain highest oil content.
  • Valencia – Valencia peanuts are known for their sweetest flavor. These peanuts have attractive bright red skin.

Peanuts in the garden
Peanuts usually require long growing season and sandy soil. Valencia peanuts are different as they can grow in clay soil. If you add organic matter by hilling or planting in raised beds, you will find no tough time to grow peanut plants in clay soil.

The region where you want to grow peanuts should be frost free for 130-140 days from the time of sowing till harvesting time. In case you miss the right time to grow the peanuts in the garden, you can start growing inside or in a greenhouse until the danger of frost is resolved. After that you can plant them outside.

Do remember that peanuts require shallow weeding. You may damage the peanut seeds by digging deeper into the ground where they are growing. Hand weeding works best when the peanut pegs.

Once your plant yields more peanuts, you can take them to the kitchen and use them for preparing butter, snack, or even boil green peanuts.

Peanuts are rich source of protein. These are super healthy and a nutritious food item to count on. If you want premium quality seeds of peanuts, contact peanuts exporters India today. For more benefits of peanuts, you can browse articles online.

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