How to Develop PTE Writing Skills to Achieve Good Scores?

PTE Writing Skills

Are you scoring less in the PTE writing Skills? Worry not. We are here to help you to achieve good scores. The writing section is the one that students find difficult.

If you have given a PTE academic mock test, you must be aware that there are two sections in writing. They are summarize written tests and essays.

We are here with some tips to help you develop PTE writing skills to achieve good scores.

Tips to Improve PTE Writing Skills

Things to remember for Summarize Written Test

  • Keep in mind the word limit, i.e., 5-75 words. You should write around 40-50 words
  • Write only one sentence
  • Use connectors and linking words to make a single sentence
  • Use complex sentences smartly
  • Do not copy from the paragraph
  • Pick the key points only
  • Skip supporting details
  • Write the sentence in your own words
  • Give PTE academic mock test and practice this section

Things to Remember for the Essay

  • Don’t search for the best template for PTE essay writing. As there are different essay types, you need to have different formats for different types. So, customize the best template for PTE essay writing for each type
  • Do not write in bullet points
  • Remember the word limit. For a better score, write 230-250 words.
  • Do not use repetitive words
  • Give PTE academic mock tests to practice essays

#1. Keep It Simple

Try to keep the writing simple. If you are good at complex and compound sentences, then only use them. This will make sure that you don’t make more errors. In addition, it will minimize the chances of grammatical mistakes.

#2. Time Management

It is necessary to manage your time well to ensure that you do not lose marks even when you know the answer. You will get 10 minutes for summarizing the written test and 20 minutes for essay writing. Utilize your time wisely so that you get a good score.

While writing an essay, remember to understand the topic first. Then, take 2 to 3 minutes to jot down points regarding what you will be writing. Many candidates make the mistake of directly starting the answer, and then they want to change the whole answer midway. So it is wise to invest a few minutes to plan the points.

#3. Avoid Jargons

While writing an essay or summary, avoid using jargon. You do not have to use words from daily life. Instead, you have to use academic words with a more formal tone. For instance, do not use ‘gonna’. You can instead use ‘going to’.

#4. Improve Vocabulary

In the writing section, vocabulary plays a huge role. If you want a high score, then you need to improve your vocabulary. You can improve it by reading newspapers, magazines, novels, articles, etc. You can also learn five new words every day to gradually build your vocabulary.

#5. Proofread

A lot of candidates make the mistake of not proofreading. You have to proofread everything that you have written. You will be able to check any errors that you have made. You can correct grammatical errors.

You can change words that are from the paragraph as it will reduce your score. Also, you can change the spelling of the words as it happens a lot in computerized exams.

#6. Follow a Logical Sequence of Ideas

While writing, remember to follow ideas logically. Whenever you are writing an essay, present your answer in a logical sequence. If you present an idea, then do remember to explain it logically. Also, conclude it reasonably and then move on to the next point. To ensure that there is a logical sequence, you can plan your points in the beginning.

#7. Practice

Remember that practice is the key to achieving a good score. So you have to daily write summaries and essays for few months to improve your writing skills. Then you can give PTE academic mock test.

You can customize the best template for PTE essay writing. But, first, check your weakness and then work on it. And implement those changes in the further mock tests.

Final Thoughts

Be consistent with writing and follow these tips to improve your writing skills and achieve a good score. You can also join online coaching centres like Alfa PTE to get expert guidance.

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