Quirky Last Requests Made By Famous Celebrities

The topic of death is no laughing matter and even the very thought that it would ultimately come to us all is quite daunting! But you know what… it isn’t all bad (no, we aren’t kidding!).

Well, if you see at the other side of it, apart from leaving your kids, you also get to make some absolutely crazy last requests. Wouldn’t you like making a Will and ask your family to squeeze in your remains in a basketball so as to be dunked by Joel Freeland or some other favourite player of yours after you die? At first, all this might seem to be a bit quirky, but mind you, people would surely honour it once you’re gone – mark our words!

That being said, there are certain big guns who chose to deal with death by coming up with honest yet weird last wishes. In this article, we’ll be some of them and what exactly was their last request.

So, let’s get started…

Getting Canned Was The Last Wish Of Baur
Yeah, you read it right… We’re talking about the one and only Fredric Baur! Peddling back to the 60s’, he was the one who got tired of chips being packed in huge, messy bags and came up with the idea of Pringle tube – something we all know and can’t get enough of!

No doubt, those tubes were all the rage when invented (well, they still are!), but nothing can compare to the amount of attention and limelight that was given to his last wish of jamming his remains in one of those packaging of delicious.

One thing that’s still up in the air, though, is what did he exactly wanted to show the world by coming up with such a weird wish. Besides, this makes the people out there wonder whether every person in the food packaging sector has a similar request like his!

Having A Drunk Wife Is What David Davis Wanted (Or Maybe He Already Had One)
Probably not a part of the happily married men’s club back in the year 1788, David left around 5 shillings for his wife, which back then was roughly say 50 cents. No, David wasn’t really a mean man, not all… but just a bit embittered. This was pretty much clear, because with those 50 cents came an explanation that he wasted “his wife to get drunk for one last time” that too with his money.

From this, one thing that we all could learn is, back in those days, one could easily get drunk with just 50 cents in their pocket. Well, now we know which year we must exactly go to, once the flux capacitor is up and running!

Being Shot In Space Was What James Doohan Last Requested For
Were you amongst those who thought that Scottie would never allow him to be beamed up until the twelfth of never? You guessed it right… we’re talking about James Doohan, who played the role of “Scottie” Scott on Star Trek.

Yeah, it was him whose last wish was to shot his remains in space on a rocket ship! Well, if we would’ve been in his place, we’d have requested everyone weeping and wailing to speak in Scottish accent, at least for a few weeks or so. But hey, each one of us has got different stroke, don’t we?

Prepare Dinner Is What John Bowman Wanted After Death
John had left nearly $50,000 as trust fund so that a group of people could take good care of his mausoleum and mansion after he died. Alas, that was possible only from 1891 to 1950, because as expected the trust eventually ran out of finances. Now you might ask what is so quirky about this, right?

Well, apart from maintaining the mansion, Bowman also wanted his servants to prepare food every night (Sounds odd, doesn’t it?). Reason being, John was very confident that one-day he and his family would be reincarnated and they’d be really hungry by the time they were back (we know you’ll be rolling your eyes real hard at the moment, but it’s okay!). All that we could hope for is, they didn’t really come back in the year 1951, because we bet they’d possibly be damn hungry by then.

Staying Immortal Even After Dying Is What Mark Gruenwald Wished For
The writer and editor at Marvel Comics, Mark Gruenwald had done an amazing job on Caption America. But out of all his work, one thing that was very strange on his behalf was his last wish. He had requested in his Will that once he’s cremated his ashes should be mixed with some ink, particularly the one that’ll be used to print on the first issue of ‘Squadron Supreme’.

Today, around the globe, we’ve got around 4,000 copies of the comic with the remains of Mark Gruenwald on it. Mind you, this book has been making every other special edition comic look comparatively lame. So, have you got the trade paperback version of this comic, which makes your room feel 20 degrees colder and its wall to wail blood? Well, now you know exactly why that’s been happening… (we’re just kidding, eh!)

There we have it – some of the weirdest last wishes! Now that you know no matter what kind of last request you have, it’ll be fulfilled, put on your thinking hats and come up with something really quirky. Let’s see what’ve you got in store…

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