What Should You Remember While Buying Printers?

Buying Printers

Choosing a printer is not an as simple task as it may seem at first glance. Even a good sales assistant can guide you only for selected technology. But on the other end, the product’s maintenance cost, service features, cartridge refilling and many more aspects where he will be unable to assist you. In those cases, you have to deal, yourself.

For solving your problem “What Should You Remember While Buying Printers?”, you need to answer 2 basic questions.

What kinds of printers are there?
What tasks should those printers do?

There are three main types of printers:

  • Matrix Printers
  • Inkjet Printer
  • Laser Printer

1. Matrix Printer

A matrix printer is a device that creates an image on paper with small dots in a percussive manner. Dot matrix printers are mainly used by various government and financial institutions for printing receipts and other mass documents where the quality of the document does not matter much.

Advantages of matrix printers: Low cost of the printed sheet.

Disadvantages: Poor print quality, low print speed, loud, overall, completely unsuitable for home use.

2. Inkjet printers

Inkjet printers are the devices that are refilled with liquid ink and have low acquisition cost. It has the ability to print color images and photos of very high quality. Its Inkwells, i.e. ink cartridges can have from 2 to 8 in numbers. The greater the number of cartridges, the higher the print quality. If you mainly deal with printing documents, be sure to pay attention to the presence of a black ink cartridge, it will save color paint, and also give the “correct” black color.

Advantages: low cost, the ability to print not only on paper but also on fabric, disks, etc.

Disadvantages: expensive consumables, instability of ink to moisture and direct sunlight, the need to print at least once a week in all colors to prevent drying of the ink in the cartridges.

3. Laser printers

Laser printers are devices that are filled with special toner powder and are printed by sticking the dye to the paper at the places of heating. The price of laser printers is 2 times higher than the inkjet, but the cost of maintenance is several times cheaper. For example, the price of refilling an inkjet cartridge and a laser printer is about the same, but a laser printer allows you to print 10 times more sheets. Another advantage is that printed sheets are practically not afraid of external influences, including moisture.

Advantages: High print speed, low cost per printed sheet, resistant to moisture and sunlight toner.

Disadvantages: Relatively high price than inkjet

What tasks should the printer solve?

  1. If you plan to print a variety of color charts, graphs, reports, then you need an inkjet printer.
  2. If you need a printer for printing photos – you need an inkjet printer with a resolution of at least 5760 wheelbarrows per inch (5760 dpi).
  3. If you are planning to print a lot of black and white material and do not need printing in color for you, give preference to laser printers. The average print speed of laser printers is 17 pages per minute, whereas inkjet delivers about 5 pages. Therefore, if you plan to print a lot of documents and quickly, the choice is clear.
  4. If you are looking for a printer for a student or schoolchild, it is better to give preference to a multifunction printer with a laser printer, since scanning, copying, and printing are all necessary for successful delivery of control, laboratory, abstracts and coursework. In addition, the toner in the cartridge does not lose its properties, if not used for a long time to print. In addition, the life of a single cartridge is very high and you do not have to spend money to refuel it weekly.

Final Words
Hope, the above-mentioned points help for buying printer either for office or for personal use. Your buying decision can be either online or offline, but for the affordable cartridge, you can choose ink cartridge online store.

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