Remote Patient Monitoring from Healthcare to Homecare


The outbreak of COVID 19 has confined the individuals to their homes and has limited their activities and accessibilities. However, thanks to all the modern technologies that we are blessed with. Modern-day technology is so vast that it has also enriched the healthcare sector. 

The emergence of remote patient monitoring has helped to ease the interconnectivity in the healthcare system. The remote patient monitoring system is designed so that it can be used to deliver healthcare through multiple devices that are home-based and inter-connected. 

This is an extremely beneficial technology as it grants easy access to data and has provision for instant leverage of data so that the best possible care can be given cost-effectively. 

This remote patient monitoring is an effective and efficient way whose positive outcomes are very evident. It incorporates the use of technology and devices that are responsive. They help to bridge the gap between patients and doctors so that patients can be under the doctors’ guidance and doctors, right from the comfort of their homes. 

remote patient monitoring

How is Remote Monitoring System Transforming the Healthcare System?

Having a closer look at the scenario, experts can vouch that remote patient monitoring devices and systems have helped improve the healthcare delivery system and yield valuable outcomes. 

Here are some of the most commendable revolutions that this system has brought about in healthcare. 

  1. RPM System has Made the Procedure of Healthcare Very Efficient and Convenient: The remote healthcare facility has the provision for instant and effortless communication between the patient and the doctors. 
  2. RPM is great for critical cases: Sometimes, some cases may be very critical and might require immediate attention. In such cases, RPM serves as a panacea. The little time that can be saved by not having to take the patient to the hospital and a few extra minutes of monitoring the patient online can prove a life-deciding factor for the patient.
  3. Sometimes, people living in remote areas remain deprived of proper healthcare facilities due to the lack of accessibility. RPM services can help to get rid of this problem. Owing to its better and more enhanced connectivity, it can easily help people living in remote areas to get proper healthcare solutions from professional healthcare providers. 
  4. The process is much secured: Remote patient monitoring system aims to improve physical standards among the masses by using top-notch tools and technology and uses a highly secure network for easy yet secured access to the patients’ information. 

Some Diseases That Can Be Taken Care of Via Remote Patient Monitoring

Given below is a list of some diseases that can be monitored via a remote patient monitoring system:

  1. Diabetes: For the effective treatment of diabetes, patients have to test their blood sugar regularly, for which they need to pay regular visits to the clinic. Diabetic patients can, instead, test their blood sugar level at home with the help of meters that can record readings, which can later be handed over to the doctor when the patient visits the clinic. In due course, the doctor can continue treating the patient and provide him with personalized care. 
  2. Dementia: Healthcare professionals harness the use of RPM to treat patients who have dementia. They use sensors to determine the patients’ gait, acceleration, angular velocity, etc. The devices are equipped with GPS so that the lost seniors can be easily tracked. 
  3. Heart conditions: Remote patient monitoring is also beneficial for patients who have a poor heart condition. The doctors use certain wearable heart devices on the patients who have critical heart conditions and link them to their smartphones to receive timely updates regarding the patients’ conditions.

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Apart from these, many kidney diseases and issues like infertility can also be treated with remote patient monitoring systems. 

The application of remote patient monitoring is ever-increasing. Experts render it a safer and more effective mode of healthcare. Many enterprises are trying their best to enhance the number of applications that can share the patients’ data with the help of their own digital devices. Therefore, a remote patient monitoring system will extend its benefits to both healthcare providers as well as patients. 

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