The Right Time to Let Go of Your Relationship

Relationship Commitment

Fights are a common thing in any relationship. Many even say that quarrels are a sign that your relationship is healthy because there are always moments where you will both disagree. You cannot agree on everything all the time. What may make your relationship toxic is regular fights.

There are couples who fight all the time for various issues. You may disagree on things like the roles you have to play in the partnership. There are those who might feel their partners are not playing their role better. Lack of honesty also leads to fights in many relationships.

Some partners choose to remain silent about the things that happen to them. Others will go ahead and cheat and keep their phones out of reach from their partners. Regular fights might be a sign that you are with the wrong person and that your relationship has hit a dead end. You can then opt for other avenues to find a partner who is better suited to you.

Sites like list some of the best dating apps and platforms where you can look for someone you would consider your perfect match. Quarreling and fighting all the time may turn your relationship toxic, however. You should read the signs to know whether it’s the right time to move on. Here are things that will let you know it is the right time to let go of your relationship.

Physical Assault

Any form of violence is bad for a relationship. You might argue all the time, but when it reaches a point where someone lays their hands on you, then it is absolutely right to leave. Some stay in such toxic relationships because of love. Staying with an abusive partner can be dangerous and may end with you losing your life. You should leave immediately and don’t hesitate to press charges.


There are times you might feel like you are all alone in your relationship even though you are still together with your partner. This is also a sign that you need to walk out and find true love somewhere else. Your partner should make you feel loved all the time. There should also be that feeling of togetherness to know you are on the right track.

Forceful Love

When you feel like you are forcing yourself to love someone or care for them, then know it is the right time to move on. This usually happens as a result of neglect from your partner. You will always feel alone and constantly be complaining to them with no progress.

No Change in Behavior

If your partner is consistent in their negative behavior, then you should know it’s time to pack your bags and go. Constant cheating, dishonesty and other unpleasant behavior is a sign that they are not prepared to change at all. There is no need to remain with this type of person.

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