Rotary Airlock Valve Makers Concerning About Handling of Coal Handling Plant

In the thermal power plants, coal is majorly accepted fuel. Rotary airlock valve makers concern about handling of this fuel as it is very tough. To handle the coal, every power station is equipped with a coal handling plant. Almost every coal handling plant needs reactive maintenance with support of preventive maintenance. In present business environment, effective maintenance management and cost competitiveness are accepted as the key to corporate strategy for lower costs. This results in integration of maintenance management function with business and production issues, not only equipment issues.

Sudden failure of equipment brings needs of high maintenance and operation costs. But manufacturing companies of these plants are intending their products with modern concept of Condition Based Maintenance that can lower the maintenance costs and improve reliability of machine performance.

There are numerous critical equipments in Coal Handling Plants. These components need routine inspection to ensure integrity. The motive behind inspection is to find any disturbance in the integrity of the systems during their service life and to offer early warning to let user take precaution prior occurrence of failure. Condition assessment is important to optimize inspection and maintenance schedules, of coal handling plant to make decisions and to avoid unplanned outages.

The effect of planned maintenance relies on the methods used by people for maintaining the plant. With the help of corrective preventative and condition based maintenance, one can apply critical equipments. This kind of maintenance policy and strategy will enhance the plant performance through availability of critical equipment.

The plant has distinct streams for conveying coal. The streams are operated as per requirement. Working conditions in the plant are dirty, dusty, and wet. This is why it is important to enhance the machine uptime and avoid unscheduled maintenance. A plant having capacity to supply coal to boilers of 750 tones/hour when fail to meet requirements will loss generation of 0.6 MU for an hour. This will cost 1.20 Core of Rupees.

Distinct Sections of The Plant

  • Unloading units
  • Feeding units
  • Crushing units
  • Screening units
  • Stacking units
  • Reclaiming units
  • Bunkers

Manufacturers are providing guidelines to their customers to run these plants for better performance. They also recommend their clients to contact best dealers in town to source quality spares and parts at apt prices. Techno Designs is Leading Rotary Airlock Valves Manufacturer India, air classifiers, silos, and major components used in feeders and other machines.

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