Save Big When You Buy Your Next Level Shirts Wholesale

Ordering blank t-shirts in bulk is a great way to save cash and get the shirts you need. Whether you are just buying blank shirts for a shop, to print on, or for your wardrobe, buying shirts from next level wholesale is a great way to get the shirts you need at a price you will love. Perfect for wearing plain or screen printing with a unique design, these shirts are sure to become new favorites for whoever wears them.

Here at Clothing Authority, we carry hundreds of blank clothing options from dozens of brands including Next Level. We also offer popular brands like Gildan, Hanes, and Fruit of the Loom. Whatever blank clothing you need, you can always find great deals when you check our website. We carry t-shirts, outerwear, woven button-downs, and even sweatpants. If you need blank garments to customize, you can always find them at Clothing Authority.

Next Level is a relative newcomer to the field of blank garments. Specializing in incredibly soft ringspun cotton, this brand has quickly made a name for itself with its phenomenal pricing. If you want the softest shirts at the best price, buying Next Level Shirts Wholesale is going to be your best option.

The biggest difference between a Next Level shirt and the standard fare from companies like Gildan or Hanes is the fact that they only use ringspun cotton to make their shirts. This process differs from standard cotton t-shirt fabric in a number of ways. The basis of every t-shirt is the yarn used to make it. Yarns are knitted into a fine knit pattern that creates a soft and flexible fabric. Unlike the woven textiles used to make jeans and button-down shirts, knits are made with only one yarn repeated through a series of loops. Unlike the hard 90 degree intersections in a woven fabric, the knits of a t-shirt are also like a fine version of a sweater, which gives them their signature stretch.

Typically cheap t-shirts are made with carded cotton yarns which are knitted into loose and flexible fabrics. Variations in the cotton used to make these fabrics can result in a very different end result in the fabric itself. The most basic option is carded cotton, which is simply cleaned of impurities before being spun into yarn. The resulting yarn may look fine, but zoomed in it will have a “hairy” appearance almost like fraying twine.

Ringspun cotton is the result of taking a few extra steps in the yarn making process. The process is two-fold: first extra combing helps clean and straighten the fibers while a spinning process helps to tighten up any loose fibers. The resulting yarn is much finer and the lack of wild fibers makes the fabric softer and more form-fitting. While this process is more expensive than making carded cotton, Next Level focuses on ringspun cotton garments, meaning they are buying in bulk and passing those savings onto their customers.

So if you are ready to place your Next Level shirts wholesale order, visit our site today. With nearly 100 styles to choose from Next Level alone, you can find the garments you want in the colors and sizes you need. Quality matters, so don’t settle for rough shirts that will not offer that comfortable ringspun fit. Instead, visit Clothing Authority today and find the soft and comfortable shirts you need. If you have any questions about our Next Level stock or any of our other products, you can reach a member of our team by phone at 888-929-5262.

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