Seedbox Hosting Packs 6 Benefits: Read to Know!

Privacy in the digital era is a luxury indeed. With so many hackers and digital war loads active, sometimes security breaches are common. This is why naturally, people want the option where their privacy is protected.

In such a case, a seedbox comes in handy. This is remote hosting software that allows monitoring the internet and traffic activity for enhancing privacy.

It generally has the speed of a data center and possesses a public IP address. Using this server, one can instantaneously download or upload a plethora of files owing to exceptional speed; ranging from 100Mbps to 10Gbps, seedboxes come with numerous perks.

Read to Know! 

  1. High-Speed 

One of the primary perks of using a seedbox is high speed. The reason being most seedboxes possess 100Mbit lines that come with super-fast speed. As a result, all one requires to do is set these up and enjoy unlimited downloads and uploads.

Here’s a hint, even the heaviest gigabits files gets downloaded within a few minutes.

  1. Ratio

Maintaining and calculating seedbox ratios is also quite simple. These mostly provide a huge hard drive where one can use a private tracker for downloading or uploading numerous files. Now, all of this does not require extra effort as the on-site ratio is directly maintained.

One also does not have to hassle over upload traffic because all things are taken care of secretly by the remote server.

  1. Download & Upload 

Torrents involved here are more focused on seeding than they are on download. However, it is quite true that the good ration grasps greater potential because devoid of it one’s torrent can be washed away. Nevertheless, if the ratio is 1:1, it can utilize an inexpensive seedbox best. Here, one can delete or pause the Torrent or even replace it with any new ones.

  1. Convenience 

Most of these seedboxes are 100/100 when it comes to the topic of convenience. Why? Let’s say one does not have to worry about using a PC that can eat up the user’s data allowance. Thus, no more worrying about your roommate slowing the internet down with large downloads.

Your remote hosting server will read trackers and automatically download files.

  1. Security 

In the aforementioned points, it has been stated that seedboxes offer high-end security. Now, this is because of the following reasons:

  • Users will not be saddled with DMCAA notices via ISP or warning letters.
  • Safely protected from RIAA and MPAA spy
  • No need to use any bit torrent clients for PC
  1. Peer-Peer Traffic 

Mostly in offices and even sometimes at homes, peer to peer downloads are prohibited. This happens when the ISP is blocked. However, if one is using a seedbox however, this issue is eliminated. The reason being, seedbox owing to its remote server does not allow the tracking of the ISP.

As a result, one can easily enjoy and download peer to peer traffic inconvenience.

Well, there you go! These 6 perks sum up exactly why seedbox hosting became so popular in the 21st century. So, for unlimited download and high profile security get yourself seedbox hosting services today!

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