Sentiment Analysis Services for Social Media

Sentiment Analysis to know your customers is now possible with Cogito providing the best service using the social media and other platforms. Understanding your customer’s feelings is important to serve them quickly in a better way. And Sentiment Analysis is the best way to cognize the opinions of different types of people at one place.

Using the sentiment analysis service, Cogito helps companies keep tracking their customer’s behavior or engage the new customers through polls or certain contests towards a particular campaigns or new product launch.

Know the feedbacks, reviews and review of customers analyze the expectations of the customers and offer them a better product or services with following various other advantages and features offered by Cogito for sentiment analysis.

Sentiment Analysis Services:

  • Opinion Mining
  • Text Mining
  • Social Sentiment
  • Social Listening
  • Product Reviews
  • Customer Meetings
  • Service Reviews

Cogito offer an accurate sentiment analysis services with visual representation of customers opinions and sentiments towards a company, products, services, brand and individual personality. It helps to analyze the data from a variety of media like social media, customer reviews, news papers, TV, questionnaires and call centers. We also provide the help AI and machine learning based APIs and sentiment analysis algorithms to learn from such data and understand the sentiments and predict the results.

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