Simple Integration of WooCommerce With VendHQ

Let’s understand about WooCommerce:

Woocommerce is an Open Source eCommerce Plugin for Word press that provides the platform to sell anything, such as physical goods, affiliate transactions, digital goods, and ongoing memberships. It is the World’s most popular eCommerce solution that provides complete control to both store owners and stores. Woocommerce Development Provides lots of free Features Like WordPress theme (Storefront) and a finite number of free Plugins and Payment gateways. With the help of hundreds of free and Premium WordPress extensions, Woocommerce Provides a proper mechanism to maintain essential features of eCommerce.

What is Vend?

Vend is a cloud-based point of sales system for all types and sizes of retailers. Vend provides tools to help and maintain the experience of Customer, as well as sales, inventory, customer data and much more. Vend is Designed to Work on several devices including Macs, PCs, and iPads, Simultaneously Vend also operates with a range of in-store hardware with receipt printers, Barcode Scanners, and Cash Drawers. One of the greatest Benefits of Vend is that an Offline Mode Gives the authority to the users to Continue Selling Without Network Connection. And automatically resyncs once the system is back online.

With the help of Mobile Phone, Customers can check into a Store and makes Payments Using their PayPal account. Vend can support input with a mouse and keyboard or touchscreen, and on the Selling Point Screen can be customized for access to popular products or actions. Some additional features like Inventory Management, Tracking Customer Information, Sales reports and easily integrate with Shopify.

VendHQ Integration With Whoocommerce:

Woocommerce VendHQ point of sale integration Plugin Used to integrate VendHQ POS With your Woocommerce Store With the use of SKU Plugs Vend Integration, You can easily Push all your inventory to Woocommerce. Because the Whole Vend WooCommerce integration naturally Update inventory to WooCommerce, which Helps in Saving Your Time and Reducing Costly errors. Additionally, Our automated Process will sync product catalog details from VendHQ. After-sales it will naturally decimate the Levels of Inventory after Sales. If the Automation of these Process are not active some of the mistakes have been arising Like Product Details may be incorrect or missing and Enhance the overselling on your online Sales Channel.

Following are the Benefits of VendHQ WooCommerce Integrations:

  • Perfect inventory syncing to avoid overselling.
  • Facilitate time-saving and minimizing costly errors.
  • Sync and arrange the Online Customer data to VendHQ.
  • Makes Easy to manage Price and Product Changes to Inventory.
  • There is no Need for Programming Skills.
  • Manage Improving Demand in Online Orders and no need for Extra Resources.

WooCommerce Extension for Vend:

On the Place of Modifying WooCommerce, it is Much Better to Provide an Extension Plugin, Which Will Manage the Organization of data among the two of the Systems.

  • The Plugin will be created in such a manner, that it will map the fields, among Woocommerce and Vend So When the fields get updated in One System, All the Changes are reflected appropriately in the other.
  • We Must be Utilize the Vend API to Sync the Values of Data.

Synchronization of Data:

All the data related to Product, Orders, and Customers required to be in Sync. This, in turn, Will Ensure that all Stock details and Sales reports are also in the Manner in Both the System.


Product data will be Syncronized on the Bases of Product SKU. When the Product is Added in Vend, It Must be Automatically Added to Your WooCommerce Store Simultaneously here the product details mean Title (Product Name), Description, Product Tags, Categories (Product Types, Product Vendor), Stock Units, and Image, Will have to be Synchronized.

The Important thing is that a simple product in WooCommerce will be added as a Standard Product in Vend. While A Variable Product will be added as a Variant Product and another one is Product Bundle Which Will be Created for Composite Products.


When we are Adding a New Customer, The Minimum details you would need are the Name of Customer, Email Address, either a Customer is added in Vend, on the WordPress site a New User has to be Created on the WordPress site. And When the Address Postal of Customers has been Provided, this Maybe saved as the Shipping Address for the Customer. Furthermore, Additional data in vend Maybe saved as a User Meta in WordPress.


The Details of Orders have to be in accordance based on Order ID. Whenever an Order is Made, The Stock Units Must be Updated. the Shipping Details Maybe Added as Order Notes in Vend.

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