Sparkle Filter Pads And Polypropylene Filter Cloth Features And Uses

The filter sealed unit or cartridge within the shell includes various horizontally set disc kind filter plates with pricked supporting screens, filter medium and interlinking cups. The complete assembly filled with pump and piping link is accumulated on an appropriate S.S. Trolley. The impure fluid to be filtered is fed to the filter case via pump. It reaches over every plate all the way via gap on the surfaces of plates.

Since liquid pressure grows, the filter medium holds reverse the impurities and permits the crystal clear remains to pass by the middle channel, which considers the filtrate to the way out of filter. Sparkle filter pads mostly employed to get grasp of clear fluid. Though, if obligatory, the cake created amid the plates may be attained. Filtration is incessant till not its rate turns into very purposeful because of increased cake resistance.


  • Present in a broad variety
  • Woven cotton
  • Woven polyester
  • Woven polypropylene
  • Non woven polyester
  • Woven nylon
  • Non woven polypropylene
  • Cellulose
  • Hi-flow blended cellulose
  • Mineral blended cellulose

Filtech Fabrics manufactures filter pads for all dimensions of sparkle filter presses to offer you the best filtration.

1. outstanding filtration competence
2. extended service life
3. good element retention
4. broad variety matching to each application

Polypropylene filter cloth:-

Polypropylene filter cloth is typified by neatness, outstanding permeability and zero wetness amalgamation. Its outstanding cake release would importantly reduce cleaning time in addition to filter cycle. It also involves exceptional resistances next to most acids as well as alkalis. Its steady operational temperature is 280 °F.

Polypropylene filter cloth or PP filter cloth is broadly employed in liquid-solid filtration for its outstanding filter cake discharge. All thanks to its super low wetness assimilation, polypropylene is a favored selection for dye manufacturing.

Woven polypropylene fabrics can be made-up of monofilament, fastener and multifilament in twill, simple and stain prototypes to convene diverse filtration points. Its steady operational temperature is 194 °F.

Why you should choose PP filter cloth?

  • Compactness surface for most favorable cake release.
  • Cut down filter cycle.
  • Light weight amongst synthetic cloths.
  • Outstanding gas permeability.
  • Liberated from oxidation and mildew.
  • Effective resistance next to acids, alkalis and decreasing agents.
  • Obtainable for big to fine element filtration.

Where polypropylene filter cloth is used?

Polypropylene filter cloth broadly used in metallurgy, mine, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, sugar, non-ferrous metal smelting, waste water areas and sewage management. Also, multifilament polypropylene filter cloth makes sure perfect cake discharge.

Filtech Fabrics is a highly praised name involved in trading and providing the best quality range of polypropylene filter cloth. Obtained from the genuine sellers of the marketplace, this filter cloth is woven through the high mark fiber and highly developed methods. Their manufactured filter cloth is broadly selected for its insubstantial and high resistance to alkali and acids.

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