How Step Down Transformers Manufacturers Test Their Products?

Manufacturers and dealers of step down transformers India and other range of transformers perform various testing procedures to confirm the performance and specifications of the power transformer. Some of the testing methods are performed at manufacturer’s premises prior delivery. The two common tests are type test of transformer and routine test of transformer. Moreover, there are some transformer tests performed at the consumer site before commissioning. It is done periodically in regular and emergency basis throughout its service life.

What are the tests performed by experts?
There are three types of tests performed at factory-

  1. Type tests
  2. Special tests
  3. Routine tests

Other three are performed at site-

  1. Pre-commissioning tests
  2. Periodic/condition monitoring tests
  3. Emergency tests

In order to check whether the design of the transformer meets customer’s specifications and design expectations, experts perform distinct testing procedures in manufacturing premises. They do it to confirm the basic design expectation of the transformer model. All the tests are done mainly in a prototype unit only.  With the help of type test method, manufacturers confirm basic and main design criteria of a production lot.

Routine tests of transformer
These tests are mainly performed to confirm operational performance of the transformer unit in a production lot. These types of tests are performed on every unit designed and manufactured at the site.

Special tests of transformer
Special tests are performed by experts as per client requests to obtain useful data during operation. Sometimes these tests are performed for maintenance purposes of the transformer.

Pre commissioning test of transformer
Other than special tests, transformers need to go through some more tests before actual commissioning at the site. The transformer testing is done prior commissioning the transformer at the site and it is known as pre commissioning test of transformer. Manufacturers usually perform these tests to assess the transformer condition once these are installed at the site. The results of low voltage tests are compared with the factory test reports.

Hundreds of manufacturers constructing step down transformers are already performing these basic testing techniques to bring the most efficient transformers for Indian and international clients. You can avail step down transformers India and other designs at best rates. More clients demand more cost effective transformer solutions for their sites. You can ask manufacturing companies about the benefits and advantages of these testing techniques.

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