Steps When Applying for Social Security Disability Benefits

Social security disability benefits are offered to those, who are physical disable to work and get earning for living. Despite disability, a person has the right to live a dignified life, and that is why federal government has introduced the social security disability benefit program. Under this scheme, a disable person can apply for availing the disability benefits. It is to be noted that one can apply for the benefits, once the person becomes disable for at least six months. Under social security disability benefits, a person receives financial assistance from the government. In order to apply for the financial assistance of social security disability, a person has to follow some basic yet important steps.

These steps are discussed in the following section of this article. Knowing them well will make things simpler for you.

Stage 1: Initial Stage

When you apply for the disability benefits, you need to complete the initial application carefully. You need to get the initial application form at the local social security office. If you want, you can get the application online too. Once you have the application form, you should fill it up with perfection. Making mistakes will lead to rejection of the application. At the same time, you need to keep in mind that nearly all applications are rejected at initial stage. When rejected, you have a few choices left along with you. You can do nothing or you can request reconsideration. The other option is to file a new initial claim.

Stage 2: Request for Reconsideration

When your initial application is denied or rejected, the most viable choice is to go for the request of reconsideration. The mean the authority which had rejected your application earlier will now again review your request for social security for disable benefit claims. Based on the reconsideration, a lot of applications are approved. Once approved, you shall get the disability benefits, as per the norms of the federal government. If application is rejected once again, you need to get prepared for the “Request of Hearing” stage.

Stage 3: Request of Hearing

When request for reconsideration of the application is rejected, you need to seek the hearing. Within the 60 days of the rejection of the application, you should file a request for hearing. A lot of applications get approved at this stage. This phase happens in a systematic manner. For the hearing process, legal representation is not mandatory. However, you can seek assistance of an experienced attorney so that your application for Social Security Disability Attorney Utah benefits can be approved with ease.

Stage 4: Make an Appeal to the Council

When your application is rejected even after hearing stage, there is nothing to worry as there is one last hope. The option is to appeal to the council. When you appeal to the council, Notice of Award and Notice of Decision will approve your application after hearing your claim. If you have a valid claim for the disability benefits, you claim will surely be approved at this stage.

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