Top 8 Stylish Wear Fit For Any Occasion

Different occasions require different preparations. For ladies, more or less, preparation is all about what to wear and how to get ready to steal the show. Among a plethora of clothing options available choosing the perfect one is a difficult job. Moreover, for different occasions, you need to either buy something different or mix and match the old stuff in a suitable way. You obviously cannot wear a formal suit to a casual get together of your college friends!

We have brought here 8 outfit ideas that are best investments not only in terms of a fashion statement but also money. These outfits are fit for almost any occasion and you do not need to think twice before rocking these anywhere.

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Corset Dress
A girl’s wardrobe is nearly incomplete without a corset dress. Quite popular in the 90s, corset dresses have made a grand comeback in 2018. Whether you are going to a pool party thrown by one of your friends or someone’s wedding reception, a corset dress will never disappoint you. Choosing a vintage corset dress is even more recommended, as it will give you a complete retro look and draw many eyes toward you. You can even consider wearing a party wear corset dress for the chocolate and wine party your best friend is throwing this weekend and get the look you have been craving for since long.

Designer Corset Tops
Corsets are definitely the most versatile piece of clothing. Not only can it be worn as a dress, but also as a top paired with anything ranging from a pencil skirt to a pair of jeans. The piece is really a game changer and it will make you look quite appealing irrespective of the occasion. This staple garment of the Victorian upper classes can be a perfect fit with a pair of high waist jeans or tracksuit bottoms. Kim Kardashian is one of the greatest fans of corsets and can often be spotted showing off her curves in a celebrity designer corset.

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Fitted Tops
Fitted tops are one of the oldest clothing items for women. Giving an instant impression of the person wearing, fitted tops look great on a slim body. You can choose from a whole lot available. You can even consider wearing an underbust corset to enhance the look of the top even more. Pairing these tops with high waist jeans or denim shorts can make you look absolutely stunning. This simple look can be carried very easily with a no make-up routine.

Crop Tops
Crop tops definitely can be the sexiest outfit in your closet. Baring just the right amount of skin, it makes you incredibly appealing. Fit for casual as well as official parties, crop tops are available in a lot of colors and designs. Moreover, even if you are a bit curvy, pairing a crop top with a pair of high waist jeans can elevate your look a lot. These can also be paired with your gym apparel to make them look trendier.

High Waist Jeans
A great trend of the 90s, high waist jeans are making quite a rage these days. Perfect to be worn with crop tops, tank tops or even formal shirts, these can be your answer for many fashion problems. Pairing high waisted shorts with a corset top can be one of the best looks at your disposal. An even better idea would be to team them up with an off shoulder top. It will enhance the look manifold and make you look incredibly impressive.

White Shirt
Try wearing a loose white shirt with a wide corset belt and thigh high stockings. A formal white shirt with a blue or black pair of denim jeans can make you look good and ready for an adventure motorcycle ride. A white shirt can also be paired with a pencil skirt to give the look a formal touch and is especially recommended if you are going to an office party.

Pencil Dress
If you think a pencil dress is old-fashioned, you need to rethink. Pencil dresses have evolved a lot over time. They are all about appeal. They lend a unique style to the person wearing them and are known for their class. Even members of the British Royal Family have often been spotted wearing pencil dresses on multiple occasions. So, if you are looking forward to carrying an ‘hautelook’ for the party this weekend, a body-hugging pencil dress is the answer.

Tunics have always been a children’s dress but not anymore. Women of all age have been experimenting a lot with the piece and results are evident. A lot of designers are designing and suggesting tunic style tops and dresses. This long sleeved shirt or sweater covering your hips can be paired with shorts, jeans or even trousers. The comfort that tunics bring along make them stands apart from tight fitting dresses and tops. Tunics are especially suitable for you if you are an expecting mother. Tunics made of silk or cashmere are quite popular.

These were some of the outfit ideas fit for almost any occasion. Whether you are going to an office party or a weekend friends’ party, these outfit ideas will not disappoint you.

Sara O Brown is a working mom, lives with her dentist husband and her adorable dog, Casper. She is passionate about traveling and cooking. She has been writing for Stuart Sign Store.

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