What Suggestions Do You Have From PVC Cables Manufacturers?

PVC or Polyvinyl Chloride is layered and insulated cables which are available in various shapes and sizes. PVC cables manufacturers have become popular in the market since 1950s, gradually replacing rubber. PVC is a thermoplastic material and hence comes with properties like:

Flexible to be used both under high and low temperatures. Thermoplastic is neutral to such extreme range of temperature and hence do not turn tender, easily melt or bend. So when the change in the shape of the cable, its expansion or shrinkage can be risky, PVC cables are the best choice.

PVC is also an insulated material. For this reason there is very less scope of short circuits. There is arctic-grade PVC cables available in the market which have extremely well insulating properties and hence prevents fire spread in the work area. PVC cables are hence used for high, medium and low voltage current flow.

The PVC cables are also durable. These are neutral to ultraviolet rays and hence do not degrade easily. Thermoplastic is a tough material and hence the chances of wear and tear under extreme stress is negligible.

PVC is also cost effective and the top PVC cables manufacturers can provide you with cables which can last as long as 25-30 years. Moreover, PVC is self-extinguishable; it tends to char rather than producing burn drops and hence do not spread fire. This means PVC does not let fire damage the other equipment.

PVC cables are customizable. Though this is a tough material it can be transformed, configured and designed as per requirements by using stabilizers, plasticizers, lubricants and some other kind of fillers and substances.

The other best part about PVC cables is that, these ae ecofriendly. PVC can be recycled and reused.

Where can you use?
PVC cables can be used for various purpose, be it a fixed or flexible application. These cables are used in

  • Electrical cable construction and household wiring as these can be processed with ease. These are perfect to be used behind walls due to the neutrality to dynamic temperatures and dampness.
  • PVC cables are majorly used in the buildings and construction works. As PVC is environment friendly and do not emit poisonous gases, these are useful for constructions.
  • PVC is also resistant to abrasion and moisture and hence is widely used for these purposes. For this reason, PVC cables are widely used for cladding, flooring, fencing, decking and wall coverings.


What are the types of PVC cables?
Types of PVC cables vary with the activity for which it will be used. For example,

  • Twin and earth PVC cables are used for main electricity wiring.
  • Tri-rated cables are used as switchgears and panel wires.
  • Twinflex PVC cables are used as battery cables.
  • Elevator flat form PVC cable types found use as wires for lifts and elevators.

What to check while purchase?
PVC cables manufacturers suggest that you check for the following points when buying PVC cables-

  • Compliant with international quality standards.
  • Customizable as per customer requirements.
  • Can be used for both horizontal and vertical runs.

So whether your cables will be exposed to chemicals, sunlight, smoke or hazardous gases; PVC Cables Manufacturers assure you of cables which can resist any aggressive working environment for a long span of time.

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