Take Your M&P Shield to the Next Level with an Apex Trigger Kit

The Smith & Wesson M&P Shield is one of those guns that really doesn’t need the preface of an introduction. Its popularity precludes the need for that, with over a million in the hands of shooters that place a premium on concealability and absolute reliability. The reasons for the popularity of the M&P Shield are manifold, but there are quite a few things to love about the design of this platform from Smith & Wesson. The gun is compact – and that compactness brings quite a few benefits.

Far from feeling slight, it is compactness of design that is dense and indestructible, giving the lightness and resistance to wear of composite construction into perfect harmony with the strength of a steel chassis system. Strength without the added weight is a serious plus when it comes to a gun that can be relied upon for defense – light in the hand, yet steady and ready to stand up to adversity and abuse. Its short barrel and thin frame make it quick to respond in the hand while at the same time making it much easier to carry concealed, or at all, than many heavy and longer barreled pistols and revolvers. Overall, it is an exceptional choice for a concealed carry weapon for anyone with self-defense in mind. That being said, there are some reasonable modifications that one might make to this model to make it even more responsive and accurate.

One such modification that you might consider making to your Shield is to outfit it with an Apex Trigger M&P Shield. The few advantages that Apex trigger assemblies bring to fray are considerable. Choosing to enhance your gun with an Apex Trigger M&P Shield will bring you a trigger assembly that is more responsive and eliminates a significant amount of trigger travel while also enhancing trigger reset and your ability to perceive it for timing and for follow up shots. Another advantage of the Apex trigger kits is that they tend to lessen trigger pull for crisper and lighter action. Overall, deciding to upgrade your Shield with a new trigger from Apex will bring you a trigger that not only breaks more crisply but that you will be able to anticipate breaking with a greater degree of confidence. A minimization of trigger travel offers similar results, and that all boils down to a greater degree of confidence and even more accuracy. Those things are nice at the range or in competitions, but in self-defense situations, they are a matter of life and death.

So an Apex Trigger M&P Shield is a sure-fire enhancement that will give you a superior trigger assembly equating to greater accuracy and reliability. Where can you find these kits, and while you’re at it, all of your other shooting supplies? At White Knight Supply, where you’ll not only find what you need but plenty of it and at the right prices. If you need an Apex Trigger you’ll find many kits available for the M&P Shield but lots of other models as well. You might choose the Apex Tactical Shield Enhancement Trigger, the Tactical Red Shield Enhancement Trigger or another model compatible with the M&P Shield. The fact that White Knight Supply offers free shipping on all orders only seems to sweeten a deal that’s fairly sweet, and while you’re at it, you can sift through holsters, magazines, sights, gloves, cleaners and other shooting equipment that you’ll be needing sooner or later, and all from the brands you’ve learned to love and trust. Next time you think about making an upgrade to your M&P or anything in your collection, be sure to check WhiteKnightSupply.com first.

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