Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber Applications

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Excess moisture is damaging to several products. Humidity testing allows a manufacturer or a test lab to assess how their product will perform in these conditions. A temperature humidity chamber allows the facility to achieve 20% to 98% relative humidity to test the product. These chambers are designed to provide such environment with highly precise control of humidity and temperature.

The climatic chambers are an innovative group of systems that provide a greater level of functioning over a wide range of applications, including testing products for aerospace, electronics, pharmaceutical, automobile, and environmental stress screening. Temperature humidity chambers, also known as climate chambers, combine temperature and humidity controls for a rigorous testing condition.

With an extended temperature range, the temperature-humidity chamber is a specialized piece of equipment for advanced applications. Following are some of the common applications of the temperature humidity test chamber:

Humidity Test Chamber Applications

Cosmetic Industry

This test chamber can be used for testing the long-term stability of the products in the cosmetic industry at high temperature and humidity levels.

Food Industry

The climatic test chamber is used for testing the capacity of the food products, in order to retain their quality when exposed to elevated temperatures and humid climatic conditions.

Pharmaceutical Industry

The test chamber is used for testing the stability of the pharmaceutical products like medicines and drugs in extreme climatic conditions with high temperatures and high moisture content. They are also used to test the photostability of the pharmaceuticals in accordance with the ICH guidelines.

Rubber Industry

In rubber industry, it is used to determine the crack initiation or melting of rubbers in the hot and humid environment.

Plastic Industry

The test chambers are used here to determine the effect on the mechanical and physical properties of plastic products in a humid environment and high temperature.

Textile Industry

The textile products are also tested with the help of the humidity testing chambers. They are tested for color fastening and changes in the physical properties like appearance when exposed to high temperature and humidity.

Construction Industry

Building materials can also be tested for their endurance against extreme climatic conditions that they have to face during actual use.

Research Industry

These chambers are also used to grow plants or incubate fungal spores on plants under humidity. It is also used for research purposes and maintenance of biological samples by maintaining a stable condition. It also helps in breaking the dormancy of seeds and growing plants at optimal environmental conditions.

Electronics Industry

Temperature and humidity tests in the electronics industry help identify the effect of climatic changes on electronic components such as failures due to parameter shifts, mechanical failures, water tightness failures, optical failures, material degradation and much more. Here, the testing can also be extended to copiers, computers, automobiles, satellites, and even parachutes.

Solar Panels

Test chambers are used to mimic the natural environment in which the solar panel is fitted. It helps in studying the durability and stability of the materials in high temperature and humidity.


the entire purpose of adhesives is to keep the two surfaces joined and thus it is essential that it maintains its state of stability in adverse conditions. The temperature and humidity test chamber helps in studying these factors of the adhesive.

Battery Testing

Batteries are becoming increasingly important these days. Thus, the temperature and humidity test chambers help in testing the stability of the batteries in extreme conditions.

Thus, temperature and humidity test chambers are designed to create artificial climatic conditions under the closed chamber. These are robustly designed for long years of efficient working with a variety of configurations and optional accessories available.

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