Testing Humidity Level at Home Possible With Hygrometer

When you test humidity level using specific tools, you get o know the amount of moisture or water vapor present in that room or chamber. However, humidity testing chamber is something designed for industrial purposes, you can have hygrometer tool for testing humidity level at home. Excess or too little humidity can cause several problems for your family and home.

Everyday activities like laundry, bathing, cleaning, and cooking contribute to humidity at home. Even plants, pets, and family members too.

If you want to ensure right humidity level, run some simple visual tests and use hygrometer tool for accurate test results.

How to check humidity visually?

  • Check your mirrors, windows, and vertical glass surfaces. If there is condensation on the inside of windows or glass surfaces, there is moisture and water vapor.
  • Look for wet stains on walls and ceilings as these are the symptoms of moisture occurrence.
  • If your bathroom, laundry room or kitchen has mildew or mold, then there is extreme moisture.
  • If your skin and lips always feel chapped when you sit in a room, there is too little moisture or humidity in the environment.

All these symptoms discussed above can be visually noted by you to check if humidity is present or not. However, for exact measurement of the amount of humidity, you may need a hygrometer tool.

Testing humidity with hygrometer involves certain steps-

  1. First you have to get the tool hygrometer of your choice. There are two kinds of hygrometer available in the market – mechanical and electrical.
  2. If you are using mechanical hygrometer, look for a screw or knob for adjusting the pointer on a mechanical hygrometer. However, electronic hygrometer doesn’t have such adjustment.
  3. Mix ½ cup table salt and ¼ cup tap water in a cup until it gets dissolved
  4. Put the hygrometer and the cup having salt water into plastic bag in the absence of direct sunlight. Check that place has even room temperature during calibration. Do not spill the water as your hygrometer can be damaged. Seal the bag.
  5. Leave the tool there for 8-12 hours. After that, check if the dial of hygrometer points at 75%. If not, use the variance prior noted to adjust the hygrometer setting.
  6. Always follow the guidelines issued by the company if you are using electronic hygrometer.

You can get this tool at the relevant store in your local that is dealing in NDT equipments.

In this post, humidity testing chamber makers will explain how their product ensures best weathering resistance of plastic materials. Read this article thoroughly and discover what they have to say about the topic.

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